Join EERE’s Acting Assistant Secretary Kelly Speakes-Backman and the Deputy Assistant Secretaries (DAS) for EERE’s three technology pillars—Energy Efficiency, Renewable Power, and Sustainable Transportation—and Operations for an FY 22 budget webinar on Thursday, June 3, at 2:00 p.m. ET.

To lead in the transition to a 100% clean energy economy, EERE’s budget request of $4.7 billion includes more than $1 billion in new funding to deploy the clean energy technologies that can deliver pollution-free, affordable energy to all Americans while creating jobs and building a more equitable economy. This one-hour chat will highlight the activities, programs, and initiatives proposed in EERE’s budget request that will help:

  • Decarbonize the electricity sector by investing in activities that are critical to further reduce the cost of renewables, and to address barriers to rapid renewables deployment and integration;
  • Decarbonize the industrial sector and reduce the carbon footprint of commercial and residential buildings; and
  • Decarbonize the transportation sector by 2050 by enabling the commercial deployment of net-zero GHG technologies for all modes of transportation (road, rail, sea, and air).

The final 15 minutes will be reserved for questions.