On May 28, President Biden unveiled his detailed budget request for fiscal year 2022. The request includes nearly $205 million for the Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO)—an 86% increase from 2021 appropriations—with $100 million for offshore wind, $40 million for land-based wind, $18 million for distributed wind, and $47 million for grid integration and analysis. These proposed budget increases would support WETO’s R&D strategies for scaling installed wind capacity from 122 GW today to over 500 GW by 2035 through cost reductions, sustainable solutions to environmental and siting concerns, and grid integration. For more information on the FY22 budget request, see the EERE FY22 Renewable Power Budget Webinar or Volume 3, Part 1 of DOE’s FY2022 Budget Justification, and visit the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Budget Office website.