Sacramento, CA

Team Photo for Waveswing America

Date Accepted
Mon 29 Jun 2015

Combined Score
5.1 (Technology Gate 2}

Team Info
Waveswing America will be led by Mirko Previsic.

Waveswing America Logo

Waveswing America seeks to demonstrate the benefits of sub-sea pressure-differential point absorber wave power generators for the production of utility scale power from offshore ocean sites. The team will build on significant past research work to deliver a device with un-rivalled economics, power-density and efficiency. With potential ratings of 500kW and above, our device offers true potential for large-scale economic wave power delivery when deployed in arrays.

Our team combines entrepreneurial start-up drive with deep operational experience in the marine environment and is supported by associates with unrivaled experience in wave energy.

WEC Device Type
Sub-sea pressure-differential point-absorber

Team Quote
40 years of wave energy research has taught us that the challenge for wave energy is not to invent yet another variant of known absorption modes, but to solve the engineering challenges of providing a cost-effective and survivable solution. Our technology takes a highly efficient point-absorber concept and combines this with efficient linear generator technology and advanced control algorithms to maximize yield, whilst eliminating components and failure modes through systems engineering.

We believe that demonstrating the potential of this technology through participating in the Wave Energy Prize will benefit the whole wave energy sector.

Team Bios
Mirko Previsic has over 15 year of experience with the design, evaluation, and optimization of renewable power generation systems, theoretical modeling, resource assessments, and feasibility studies with a focus on marine renewable energy systems. Mr. Previsic holds a degree in electrical engineering and is a recognized industry expert in ocean energy technology. His primary interests are in the computational optimization of marine energy systems using system dynamic models and techno-economic approaches.

Simon Grey – Engineering support; A professional engineer with 30 years of experience in power generation, renewables and new technology of which 12 spent in wave power. Simon has led the development of the Waveswing™ device to date.

Jude Monson – Commercial and IP support; A commercial manager with 12 years of experience in renewable energy and new technology development of which 5 spent in wave power. Jude has supported the development of the Waveswing™ technology and managed the commercial and IP strategies for that time.

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