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Project Summary

One challenge for hydropower development is the complicated and lengthy licensing and permitting process, which adds to project risks, delays, and cost. To help mitigate this challenge, this project focuses on developing an interactive hydropower regulatory roadmap toolkit and related tools for conventional hydro and pumped storage development projects, which describes both federal and state permitting and regulatory processes. Related tools include a document (reference) library and a best practices section. 

Project Snapshot
Project TitleDevelopment of Regulatory and Permitting Toolkit (RAPID) for Hydropower and Pumped-Storage Hydropower
AwardeeNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Awardee HQ LocationColorado
DOE Funding Amount$780,205
Program AreaRegulatory and Siting
Recipient TypeLaboratory
Award TypeAnnual Operating Plan
Year Awarded2015
Work LocationsColorado
Congressional District(s)CO-1, CO-2


What You Need To Know


This project will increase transparency, decrease uncertainty, and reduce the time and cost associated with developing hydropower projects.

  • Increased transparency and understanding in the regulatory process through an online interactive regulatory roadmap toolkit and related tools explaining the regulatory process.
  • Streamlined communications between regulatory agencies.
  • Reduced time and costs associated with hydropower development.
  • Train new industry employees and regulatory agency personnel through a series of workshops.
  • Develop case studies and regulatory best practices for developing different types of hydropower projects.
  • Develop regulatory case studies and best practices that can assist in future hydropower licensing and permitting.
  • Continue to develop and enhance website functionality.
  • Continue robust outreach effort and collect user feedback via website metrics, individual case studies, and broad feedback mechanisms.
  • Increase communication between regulatory agencies through a series of meetings and workshops.

About the Water Power Technologies Office

The U.S. Department of Energy's Water Power Technologies Office advances cutting-edge technology to modernize the U.S. hydropower fleet and drive U.S. leadership in wave and tidal energy, with the goal of delivering low-cost power and resiliency to America’s power grids.