CEATI 2018 Spring Industry Conference

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March 6, 2018 8:00AM MST to March 7, 2018 5:00PM MST

Tuscon, Arizona

The Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation (CEATI) is a user-driven organization committed to providing technology solutions to its electrical utility participants, who are brought together to collaborate and act jointly to advance the industry through the sharing and developing of practical and applicable knowledge.

The Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) will be presenting at the CEATI 2018 Spring Industry Conference, held in Tuscon, Arizona, from March 6–7. Representatives from the office can also be found at booth 26.

March 6

Session 1: Changing Operations and the Role of Hydropower in Balancing the Grid
1:30 p.m.: The State of the Hydro Industry and What’s Coming Up—Looking into the Crystal Ball
Speaker: Alejandro Moreno, WPTO Director

March 7

Session 5: Looking Through a Modern Lens—the Issues of Today and Their Implications for Tomorrow
1:30 p.m.: U.S. Department of Energy Insights into the Value and Costs of Hydropower and Pumped Storage 
Moderator: Tim Welch, WPTO Hydropower Program Manager
Panelists: Vladimir Koritarov, Argonne National Laboratory; Abhisek Somani, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Brennan Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 

  • Developing a Valuation Framework for Pumped-Storage Hydropower 
  • Hydropower Value Study: Foundational Elements and Research Roadmap 
  • Hydropower Fleet Intelligence: Using What We Know and Don’t Know About Reliability, Cost, and Condition to Improve Asset Management

View the full CEATI Hydropower agenda here (PDF).