Appendices of Hydropower Vision: A New Chapter for America’s 1st Renewable Electricity Source, an analysis of the sustainable expansion of hydropower.

The appendices of the Hydropower Vision include:

  • Appendix A: Glossary
  • Appendix B: Expanded Discussion of Hydropower Technology Assumptions
  • Appendix C: Hydropower Vision Future Technology Cost Assumptions
  • Appendix D: Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) Model—Additional Inputs and Assumptions
  • Appendix E: Hydropower Vision Scenario Matrix
  • Appendix F: Supplemental Modeling Results
  • Appendix G: Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Net Energy Metrics
  • Appendix H: The Conventional Hydropower Jobs and Economic Development Impacts (JEDI) Model
  • Appendix I: Workforce
  • Appendix J: The Value of Hydropower as a Long-Lived Asset
  • Appendix K: Contributors.