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Waterpower Week is here again. Join the Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) and the national laboratories at Waterpower Week in Washington. Comprised of three co-located conferences rolled into one—NHA's Annual Conference, International Marine Renewable Energy Conference, and Marine Energy Technology Symposium—water power professionals can network and discuss the future sustainability of the hydropower and marine energy industries.

From April 30–May 2, attend sessions with Energy Department speakers and panelists and national laboratory workshops. More than 30 presentations and posters by WPTO staff, national laboratories, and WPTO funding awardees will be presented over the course of the week. Also, be sure to stop by tables 26 and 27 for additional WPTO and national laboratory resources. We hope to see you there!

Monday, April 30

NHA Meetings

WPTO staff will be in attendance at the Water Power Innovation Council meeting

Session 1: Opening Plenary: Transforming America's Energy Infrastructure

Keynote: Mark Menezes, Under Secretary of Energy, U.S. Department of Energy

Session 2E: Resource Characterization

Steve DeWitt, Water Power Technologies Office

Session 3D: Matching MHK Value to Utility and Grid Needs of the Future

Rebecca O'Neil, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Energy Department Poster Session at the Opening Reception

6:00–7:15 PM Presidential Ballroom

Tuesday, May 1

Session 4: Tuesday Morning Plenary: Global Frontiers of Waterpower

Keynote: Alejandro Moreno, Director, Water Power Technologies Office

Session 5C: What the DOE Water Power Program is Doing for You

Tim Welch, WPTO; Vladimir Koritarov, Argonne National Laboratory; Adam Witt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Abhishek Somani, Kenneth Ross, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Session 5E: Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy

Andrea Copping, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Session 7D: MHK: Competitive Advantages in Non-Grid Markets

Bill McShane, Water Power Technologies Office

Wednesday, May 2

NHA Meetings

WPTO staff will be in attendance at the following meetings: Pumped Storage Committee, Small Hydro Council, Task Force on Value Recognition of Hydro

Session 11A: Hydro Game Show!

Alejandro Moreno, Hoyt Battey, Tim Welch, Water Power Technologies Office

Session 10D: Focus on Finance: Attracting Investment for a Marine Energy Project

Tim Ramsey, Water Power Technologies Office

Energy Department Workshops

Energy Department national laboratories will host three marine energy workshops—open to the public—on the last day of Waterpower Week in Washington.