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Are you interested in working in the Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO)? We’re looking for a new member to join our team as a General Engineer with WPTO’s Marine and Hydrokinetics (MHK) Program.

The position is within the 0801 General Engineering series and WPTO will be filling this position at the GS-14 level. DOE has Direct Hire Authority to fill this science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) position. This authority allows us to hire more quickly than the traditional government hiring process. In using this authority, DOE still abides by the Merit System Principles and all Federal and DOE regulations for hiring.

Please submit your application via the general announcement on USAJobs. In addition, please send your resume to WaterPowerTechnologiesOffice@EE.DOE.GOV and EEREhiring@EE.DOE.GOV and title the email “WPTO General Engineer Application". See below for details about this particular opportunity with WPTO and additional instructions on how to apply.

Specific Program/Project Assignments

This position is with the Marine and Hydrokinetics Program, which is located in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Water Power Technologies Office. This position will serve as a Technology Manager (TM) and Technical Project Officer (TPO) focused on marine energy technologies involving research, development, and demonstration. Specific assignments will include: 

  • Oversee financial assistance awards and ensure that projects proceed in a manner consistent with approved DOE objectives, costs, schedules and the 2CFR200.  
  • Provide technical expertise and assistance to the contracting officer and program officials and anticipate, identify and resolve problems that arise in assigned projects; and advise supervisor regarding field activities on unusual, difficult or controversial technical matters.
  • Be responsible for assignments involving a wide range of activities requiring the coordination of technical, legal, environmental and financial considerations and are characterized by independent judgment, external collaboration, and negotiation that directly influence the scope of a TPO’s implementation role and that leverage broad participation in EERE projects through mission-critical public-private partnerships.
  • Maintain cognizance over assigned sub-activity area(s) within the Marine and Hydrokinetic Program, maximizing impact of accomplishments and results across the entire program and identifying technology gaps within the investment area.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Required to Perform the Work

  • Extensive experience in the marine energy field with in-depth knowledge of marine energy converter (MEC) device system requirements and performance. 
  • Experience in coordinating and leading the efforts to negotiate and manage projects with a multidisciplinary team involving technical, budgetary, legal, environmental, and procurement related areas.
  • Be a thought leader in the marine energy industry.
  • Demonstrate prior project/program management experience.
  • Skill in oral and written communication in a clear, effective, and engaging manner in order to communicate with a variety of departmental organizations, regulatory agencies, and stakeholders.

How to Apply

  1. Read and follow the directions in the “How to Apply” section of the USAJobs posting. Key steps include:
    • Complete your resume in USAJobs and select the resume to be transferred to the Department of Energy’s online application system.
    • If you are a first-time applicant to the Department of Energy, you'll be asked to register an account first. If you are a returning applicant, you will skip this step and go straight to the application portion.
    • Respond to all applicant assessment questions, carefully following all instructions provided.
    • You will then be asked to upload additional supporting documentation. If you are unsure whether your documents were transferred from USAJOBS successfully, or you are otherwise uncertain whether your documents went through, please contact the HR Specialist listed on the announcement BEFORE the vacancy closes.
    • Review and submit your application.
  2. Notify both the WPTO as well as the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy that you have submitted your application by emailing WaterPowerTechnologiesOffice@EE.DOE.GOV and EEREhiring@EE.DOE.GOV. Please attach your resume and title the email “WPTO General Engineer Application".
    • Information that should NOT be included on your resume at this stage includes:
      • Your Social Security number
      • Photos of yourself
      • Personal information, such as age, gender, religious affiliation, etc.
      • Classified or government sensitive information
      • Any encryption or digital signatures

What to Expect Next

  1. Your application will be reviewed to determine qualification.
  2. If qualified, your application will be made available to WPTO for review.
  3. You may be contacted by WPTO for a virtual interview during the months of December or January.