Portland, OR

Team Photo for AquaHarmonics

Date Accepted
Wed 06 May 2015

Combined Score
4.5 (Technology Gate 2}

Team Info
​Team AquaHarmonics will be led by Alex Hagmuller.

AquaHarmonics Finalist Seal

The team consists of Alex and Max, who have been friends since they met in their first year at Oregon State University. About five years ago, Alex started to build small scale wave energy prototypes and enlisted Max to help with the design of the electrical components and software. Together they have been constructing and testing different wave energy prototypes, and the knowledge gained from each has led to many improvements and changes in the design.

WEC Device Type
AquaHarmonicsWEC concept is a point absorber with latching/de-clutching control.

Team Quote
Clean. Simple. Energy.

This is AquaHarmonic’s ultimate goal.

The Wave Energy Prize provides a unique opportunity to showcase our creative solution to the world by providing competition, seed funding, and wave tank testing opportunities. We are very excited to show what our device can do, and look forward to getting our device into the wave tank to validate our design!

Team Bios
Alex Hagmuller holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University, and is a registered professional engineer with engineering experience in structural, mechanical, electrical and manufacturing fields. Alex has a passion for creative solutions to challenging problems and a knack for designing and building things, with a particular interest in renewable energies.

Max Ginsburg holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University. Max has an incredible interest in programming, as well as an enjoyment for the development and testing of custom circuits. Max’s diverse interests in different technologies also provide a keen eye for developing new concepts that have yet to be tried. Max is inspired by solutions that are no more complex than they need to be especially when a low cost of materials, energy, and environmental impact are achieved.



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