This is a transcript for the video, Refrigerator and Freezer Energy Rating Database Search Tool.


During this brief video tutorial, we will talk through how to use and access the Refrigerator and Freezer Energy Rating Database Search Tool.  

Refrigerators and Freezers are often large energy expenders in a household. This Energy Rating Database Search Tool was developed for the American consumer market to assist energy auditors in obtaining existing refrigerator and freezer usage information which is a required element of energy modeling. The tool provides the ability to search various appliance brands, types, model numbers, years manufactured, and more. This tool is up to date as of July 2021. Please note that the tool works best on PC computers and newer versions of Excel, so it is recommended that you update your software prior to using it. 

To download the tool, visit the link on the screen and click the button that says "Download the tool." Once you open the downloaded file, you should see an Excel document with two tabs, the Input Sheet and Output Sheet. We will get started on the Input Sheet. 

To search the database, you’ll need to fill in the three required fields. Start by clicking the white space under "Door Seal Condition" then the grey arrow that appears to the right of it to view the drop-down menu. You may then select the condition of your door seal. Next, you will choose your appliance type by clicking the white space under the green appliance type box and then clicking the grey arrow on the right. Below that area, you will find a space to enter your appliance brand from the drop-down list. 

Once the required fields are completed, you may choose to fill out the two optional fields: model number and year manufactured. To fill out these fields, click on the white space and type in your responses. When typing in the letter portion of the model number, be sure to only use capital letters. If you are not sure of a letter or number of the model, just type in as many characters as you are able to recall. Please see the additional notes section on the bottom of the Input Sheet for more information. 

Once all of your information has been entered, click the grey "Search" button. 

After clicking search, click the output sheet. The output sheet will be updated with a list of most closely matching models, with their size, year of manufacture, and energy rating. Once the energy rating has been obtained, this information can be used to enter into your site-specific energy audit for retrofit modeling purposes. For those users that utilize a priority list, use the generated energy rating to determine if the usage of the existing appliance meets replacement criteria. 

If you have questions about how to use this tool, please reach out to your official project officer of record or Derek Schroeder at the U.S. Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program at