Whooshh Innovations' "Salmon Cannon" Gives Fish A Boost Over Dams

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Below is the text version for the "Whooshh Innovations' "Salmon Cannon" Gives Fish A Boost Over Dams" video.

The screen opens with "Energy.gov presents…" and a shot of a river.

This is the Whooshh Fish Transport System, also known as the Salmon Cannon. It moves fish through a flexible, pressurized tube, safely transporting them from one area to another.

The video shows a "fish-level view" of the salmon cannon, showing river water rushing into a flexible tube. Fish travel through the tube and then exit it and drop into another waterway. The video then pans through shots of hydropower dams and salmon-filled rivers.

This solves a major problem for migratory fish like salmon. It gives them a boost over dams so they can swim upstream to spawn. The salmon cannon can be used on any non-endangered fish for fish rescue or invasive species removal.

Developed by Whooshh Innovations, the company is working with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory through our Small Business Vouchers pilot to help bring this technology to market and make a big impact on fish transport solutions.

Learn more at energy.gov/eere/. Video courtesy of Whooshh Innovations and PNNL.