Volvo SuperTruck Visits the Energy Department

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Volvo SuperTruck Visits the Energy Department
Below is the text version for the "Volvo SuperTruck Visits the Energy Department" video.

Mike Mueller, EERE Digital Team

Look what rolled up to Energy Department headquarters—it's the Volvo SuperTruck.

This is the latest class 8 truck to achieve more than 50% freight efficiency compared to a 2009 baseline model in our SuperTruck I program. Daimler trucks North America, along with Cummins-Peterbilt teams, also surpassed that mark—with Navistar on track to eclipse that mark later this year.

The video shifts to an image of a large crowd of individuals, including the Secretary of Energy and the Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, looking at the truck.

Secretary Moniz stopping by to take a tour of the latest success from the SuperTruck program.

The Volvo SuperTruck achieved an 88% increase in overall efficiency—including a nearly 50% bump in engine efficiency—stretching the miles per gallon even further than your average class 8 truck.

Our Acting Assistant Secretary David Friedman, also stopping by to tour the truck which, in addition to the other teams, is helping to innovate new technologies into the market.

David Friedman, Acting Assistant Secretary

One of the exciting things about the SuperTruck program is that it's a real great partnership between taxpayers and industry and we are already seeing it deliver new technologies into the marketplace. For example, already the SuperTruck program has helped commercialize 20 different technologies that are saving fuel on trucks in the market today thanks to the SuperTruck program and the research of the four teams that have been driving this innovation forward.

An image appears of four trucks as they were pictured in SuperTruck I: Navistar, Daimler Trucks North America, Cummins-Peterbilt, and Volvo. It's titled "SuperTruck II Underway: 100% freight efficiency over 2009 baseline vehicle."

Mike Mueller

More than 25 additional innovations are expected to be commercialized in the next four years.

All four teams are also participating in our SuperTruck II program, which aims to double the freight efficiency goal of class 8 trucks by 100%.

The SuperTruck Program has the potential to reduce oil by 300 million barrels. If all of these technologies were adopted that would save individual truck drivers and operators as more than $20,000 a year on fuel.

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