Federal Agencies Gather to Learn More About Workplace Charging Challenge

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Federal Agencies Gather to Learn More About Workplace Charging Challenge
Below is the text version for the "Federal Agencies Gather to Learn More About Workplace Charging Challenge" video.

The video opens with a shot of cars commuting through Washington, D.C.

Nay Chehab – Vehicle Technologies Office

75% of commuters today drive alone when traveling to work, wasting oil and polluting the planet.

Hi, I'm Nay Chehab with the Energy Department's Vehicle Technologies Office. We're outside the Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C., where 150 leaders from 50 different federal organizations are gathering to learn more about our Workplace Charging Challenge and to help further the adoption of electric vehicles.

The video pans through shots of electric vehicles using charging stations in workplace parking lots and individuals plugging their cars in.

The challenge aims to partner with 500 U.S. employers offering workplace charging by 2018. Currently more than 380 partners are on board, pledging to provide charging access to their workforce and sharing best practices with others.

This workshop was set up to help federal agencies learn more about newly-released guidance from the White House on federal employee charging and to find out about the technical assistance available through the challenge.

Eighteen federal organizations already a part of the challenge, providing 200 charging stations to more than 360 employees. The hope is that more will join this year.

The video shifts to a shot of a woman being interviewed in front of the U.S. Department of Transportation's building in Washington, D.C.

Sarah Olexsak – Workplace Charging Challenge Coordinator

So our federal workforce represents military men and women working on bases across the country, across the world. It represents the little old lady that works at your neighborhood post office. These workplace charging opportunities for federal facilities aren't just in Washington, they are across the country. We want to bring federal workplace charging to a community near you.

Nay Chehab

Federal employees are prime candidates to serve as adopters of electric vehicles. In fact, workers are six times more likely to drive an electric vehicle if they have access to charging stations at their workplaces.

For more information about our Workplace Charging Challenge, please visit our website, energy.gov.

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