Energy Department to Host First Sustainable Transportation Summit

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The video opens by showing an electric car driving down the street. A voice starts talking.

I think we've made a lot of progress over the last ten years in terms of seeing the cost of technologies starting to fall, seeing a dramatic uptick in the adoption rate of different technologies and all of that is a result of sustained investment that we've made over the past two decades or more. 

Text appears: Battery costs are nearly 70% cheaper since 2008.

Reuben Sarkar, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation:

We're at what I would consider a very big point of inflection.

2 fuel cell electric vehicle models are now on U.S. roads.

Reuben Sarkar:

We've seen a lot of progress in the last ten years but some people say that in the next ten years we're going to see more change in transportation than we have in the last 100 years. We think that going forward you are going to see increasing degrees of connectivity. You are going to see increasing degrees of automation, multi-mobile transportation and a system level set of solution systems that are required and so we need to start optimizing not only at the vehicle level but also at the system level.

On July 11–12, mobility and transportation leaders from across the country are coming to Washington, D.C. for the inaugural Sustainable Transportation Summit.

Reuben Sarkar:

This event is about bringing those two things together in terms of new players and our existing portfolio to kind of define and shape some of the new areas of research in EERE. Our goal is really simple. It's how do we drive deep decarbonization of the transportation sector, aligned with our 80% goal reduction by 2050 but to do so in a way that doesn't actually compromise the mobility of people, helps people be more productive and to take advantage of these technologies and just to make sure that energy is part and parcel to the conversation.

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