Department of Energy 2016 Vehicles and Fuel Cells Annual Merit Review

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Below is the text version for the "Department of Energy 2016 Vehicles and Fuel Cells Annual Merit Review" video.

The video switches between shots of the two speakers and the Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting.

Christy Cooper: Acting Director, Vehicle Technologies Office

This week we're having our merit review, which is a joint event co-hosted by the Vehicle Technologies Office and the Fuel Cell Technologies Office at which we independently review nearly every project in our portfolio. So, cutting across the entire $300 million Vehicle Technologies Office portfolio and nearly $100 million on the fuel cell technologies side.

Sunita Satyapal, Director, Fuel Cell Technologies Office

We look at the progress, the technical progress of all of our projects and help show impact, really, of how we are using DOE funds. Over the last seven years, in fact, we've redirected the scope of work, or even terminated projects based on the AMR and saved over $40 million.

Christy Cooper:

It's bringing together principal investigators from the national laboratories, from our industry partners, partners in academia and even other countries around the world.

Sunita Satyapal:

Japan, Korea, Germany, China, India. We have 1,800 that come really to see cutting edge work in many cases even before it's published.

Christy Cooper:

It's a great way to network and interact. The atmosphere is one of high energy, if you pardon the pun. There is a lot of excitement about the work that we're doing.

Sunita Satyapal:

I think there's just been a lot of excitement both in the Vehicle Technologies Office and in the Fuel Cell Technologies Office.

Christy Cooper:

It's an important way for the R&D community and anyone interested in the public to come and learn about all of the work that we're doing.

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