D.C. Hydrogen Fuel Station Demonstration Facility

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D.C. Hydrogen Fuel Station Demonstration Facility
Below is the text version for the "D.C. Hydrogen Fuel Station Demonstration Facility" video.

Text Version

The video opens with six men at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The crowd counts down 3-2-1. The men cut the ribbons, and everyone cheers. Text appears:

Energy.gov presents

In Partnership with the National Park Service,

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Opened Washington D.C's First Hydrogen Fuel Station Demonstration Facility.

Sunita Satyapal—Director, Fuel Cell Technologies Office

We're really excited about the station opening. Car companies have been asking for hydrogen stations for several years now so they could bring vehicles to the D.C. area.

Both agencies are also adding fuel cell electric vehicles to their fleets for public outreach events and demonstrations.

This is a great opportunity for collaboration between two key agencies and for the first time ever we have commercial fuel cell vehicles at federal agencies. And we are basically demonstrating next generation technology for the hydrogen infrastructure piece.

We've been funding technology advancements through our R&D effort such as catalyst improvements, efficiency improvements, systems integration, and so this was a perfect example of where we could demonstrate a technology showcase station, demonstrating cutting edge technology from the laboratory, in real world conditions and at the same time have vehicles in the D.C. area at the agencies showcasing the vehicles to the public.

Reuben Sarkar—Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation

Hydrogen fuel cells has the ability to be deeply decarbonizing and when you can make hydrogen fuel from water it just goes towards our goal of moving further and further down toward lower carbon fuel.

Learn more at energy.gov/eere/.