Collegiate Wind Competition Winner Penn State Visits Energy Department

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Below is the text version for the "Collegiate Wind Competition Winner Penn State Visits Energy Department" video.

Patrick Nicodemus: Team Winergize

I'm here representing Penn State, the winner of this year's competition for two years running. We bring it to the competition to test it in a wind tunnel as well as prove that the design is good and build a whole business model to go with that turbine.  For instance, this turbine here has an active flux generator and a passive rectifier.

We started about nine months ago. We figured out the general characteristics of what the turbine will look like. What generator it is going to have inside. How we're going to handle the power output.

I think we do it because we all have a common interest. A lot of us are into renewable energy and understand the problems that are facing the world and want to solve it through technology.

With two wins in a row, you definitely have other teams nipping at your tails.

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