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Truck stop electrification reduces engine idle time for large trucks by providing external power to truck cabs for climate control and other accessories while drivers rest at truck stops. This makes it unnecessary for trucks to idle for hours to produce their own power. Idle reduction at truck stops reduces fuel consumption, emissions and engine maintenance that is tied to hours of operation. Rest-period truck idling in the United States consumes up to 1 billion gallons of fuel annually at a cost of around $3 billion. As of the end of March 2017, there were four companies providing truck stop electrification services in 35 states at 106 different locations according to the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

Truck Stop Electrification Sites by Company as of March 30, 2017

U.S. map showing truck stop electrification sites by company (American Idle, CabAire, IdleAir, and Shorepower) as of March 30, 2017.U.S. map showing truck stop electrification sites by company as of March 30, 2017.

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AlabamaI-85 Exit 70CusettaShorepower
ArkansasI-30, Exit 106BentonIdleAir
 I-40, Exit 280West MemphisIdleAir
 I-40, Exit 35OzarkShorepower
ArizonaI-10, Exit 302BensonIdleAir
 I-40, Exit 292HolbrookShorepower
CaliforniaHwy 99, Exit 39BakersfieldShorepower
 Hwy 99, Exit 142/143FresnoShorepower
 I-5, Exit 554DunniganShorepower
 I-5, Exit 205LebecShorepower
 I-5, Exit 485LodiShorepower
 CA-99, Exit 237BRiponIdleAir
 I-5, Exit 745WeedShorepower
ColoradoI-25, Exit 255JohnstownShorepower
 I-5, Exit 554LamarShorepower
DelawareI-95 between Exits 1 and 3ChristianaCabAire
 Route 13, North of SmyrnaSmyrnaCabAire
FloridaFlorida Turnpike, Exit 244St. CloudAmerican Idle
GeorgiaI-75, Exit 326DaltonIdleAir
 I-75, Exit 201JacksonIdleAir
 I-85, Exit 41NewnanIdleAir
 I-75, Exit 121UnadillaAmerican Idle
 I-95, Exit 14WoodbineShorepower
IowaI-35, Exit 144WilliamsShorepower
IllinoisI-55 / I-70, Exit 4East St. LouisIdleAir
KansasI-135, Exit 31NewtonShorepower
KentuckyI-24, Exit 16PaducahShorepower
LouisianaI-10, Exit 239New OrleansShorepower
 I-10, Exit 151Port AllenIdleAir
MarylandI-95, Exit 109AElktonShorepower
MaineI-95, Exit 180BangorShorepower
MichiganI-94, Exit 128ParmaShorepower
 I-75, Exit 32WoodhavenShorepower
MinnesotaI-35, Exit 11Albert LeaIdleAir
MissouriI-70, Exit 101BoonvilleIdleAir
 I -55, Exit 8SteeleShorepower
MississippiI-20 / I-55 Exit 47PearlIdleAir
MontanaI-90, Exit 298BelgradeShorepower
North CarolinaI-95, Exit 105KenlyShorepower
 I-85, Exit 220MiddleburgShorepower
NebraskaI-80, Exit 395LincolnShorepower
 I-80, Exit 440OmahaShorepower
New JerseyI-295, Exit 2CCarney's PointIdleAir
 Mile Post 116 East New Jersey TurnpikeRidgefieldCabAire
New MexicoI-40, Exit 369GlenrioShorepower
 I-25, Exit 419SpringerShorepower
New YorkI-87, Exit 43ChamplainShorepower
 I-90, Exit 48APembrokeShorepower
 I-90, Exit 33VeronaShorepower
 I-87, Exit 21West CoxsackieShorepower
OhioI-75, Exit 135BeaverdamIdleAir
 I-80 & Hwy 62, Exit 234BHubbardShorepower
 I-80 & Hwy 62, Exit 234BHubbardIdleAir
 I-71, Exit 32LebanonIdleAir
 I-71, Exit 209SevilleIdleAir
 County Rd M-50, Milepost 20.8 WestboundWest UnityAmerican Idle
OregonI-84, Exit 304Baker CityShorepower
 I-5, Exit 99CanyonvilleShorepower
 I-5, Exit 199CoburgShorepower
 I-84, Exit 216PendletonShorepower
 I-5, Exit 307PortlandShorepower
PennsylvaniaI-70 / I-76, Exit 161BreezewoodIdleAir
 I-76 Exit 226 / I-81 Exit 52CarlisleIdleAir
 I-80, Exit 120ClearfieldShorepower
 I-80, Exit 215MiltonIdleAir
 I-78, Exit 10MyerstownIdleAir
 Pennsylvania Turnpike Milepost 77.6 WestboundNew StantonCabAire
South CarolinaI-85, Exit 63DuncanIdleAir
 I-95, Exit 169FlorenceShorepower
 I-95, Exit 181ALattaIdleAir
TennesseeI-40, Exit 288CookevilleShorepower
 I-65, Exit 22CornersvilleShorepower
 I-40, Exit 320, then 1/4 mile southCrossvilleAmerican Idle
 I-40, Exit 320, then 1/4 mile southCrossvilleShorepower
 I-40, Exit 143Hurricane MillsIdleAir
 I-40 / I-75, Exit 369KnoxvilleIdleAir
 I-81, Exit 4White PineIdleAir
TexasI-10, Exit 797BaytownIdleAir
 I-10, Exit 789BaytownIdleAir
 I-20, Exit 523CantonShorepower
 I-20, Exit 470DallasIdleAir
 I-20, Exit 472DallasIdleAir
 I-20, Exit 472DallasShorepower
 I-10, Exit 37El PasoIdleAir
 I-10, Exit 37El PasoIdleAir
 I-35 W, Exit 65Ft. WorthIdleAir
 I-45, Exit 64HoustonShorepower
 I-35 Exit 13LaredoIdleAir
 I-35, Exit 13LaredoIdleAir
 I-10, Exit 873OrangeIdleAir
 I-35, Exit 328RobinsonIdleAir
 I-10, Exit 583San AntonioShorepower
 I-20 Exit 278TyeShorepower
UtahI-15, Exit 112BeaverShorepower
 I-70, Exit 160E, 164WGreen RiverShorepower
 I-15, Exit 362PerryShorepower
 I-80, Exit 1WendoverShorepower
VirginiaI-81/I-64, Exit 195LexingtonShorepower
 I-81/I-64, Exit 205RaphineShorepower
 I-95, Exit 104Ruther GlenShorepower
WashingtonI-90, Exit 298EllensburgShorepower
 I-90, Exit 149GeorgeShorepower
 I-5, Exit 57ToledoShorepower
 I-82, Exit 36Union GapShorepower
WyomingI-25, Exit 182EvansvilleShorepower
 I-80, Exit 68Little AmericaShorepower

Sources: U. S. Department of Energy, Alternative Fuels Data Center, "U.S. Truck Stop Electrification Locations" and "Long-Haul Truck Idling Burns Up Profits." Data accessed March 30, 2017.


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