August 13-16, 2007

Detroit, Michigan

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Plenary Session: A View from the Bridge

Tuesday Dinner

Monday Lunch

Concurrent Technical Session 4 : Emission Control Technologies, Part 2

Technical Session 1: Advanced Combustion Technologies, Part 1

Concurrent Technical Session 5: Fuels and Lubricants, Part 1

Presentation Poster Session: Advanced Combustion Technologies, Diesel Engine Efficiency R&D, Emission Control Technologies

Concurrent Technical Session 6: Waste Heat Utilization

Monday Dinner

Concurrent Technical Session 7: Fuels and Lubricants, Part 2

Technical Session 2: Diesel Engine Efficiency R&D

Presentation Poster Session: Fuels and Lubricants, Emission Control Technologies, Waste Heat Utilization, Engine System Materials

Tuesday Lunch

Concurrent Technical Session 8: Advanced Combustion Technologies, Part 2

Technical Session 3: Emission Control Technologies, Part 1

Concurrent Technical Session 9: Engine System Materials

Presentation Poster Session: Emission Control Technologies



Plenary Session: "A View from the Bridge" - Panel Discussion
Moderator: Edward J. Wall, U.S. Department of Energy
The History of DEER James EberhardtU.S. Department of Energy(PDF 490 KB)
SpeechJennifer OwenU.S. Department of Energy(PDF 50 KB)
(Panelist)Axel FriedrichGerman EPA 
Diesel Engine Strategy & North American Market - Challenges, Technology and GrowthCharles FreeseGeneral Motors Corporation(PDF 9.5 MB)
Coming on StrongSam HiresCummins Inc.(PDF 1.1 MB)
(Panelist)Chung LiuSouth Coast Air Quality Management District 
Clean Diesel: The Progress, The Message, The OpportunityAllen SchaefferDiesel Technology Forum(PDF 1.3 MB)
Clean Diesels, an Economy or Performance Option?Dean HarlowRicardo, Inc.(PDF 575 KB)
Monday Lunch
Caterpillar ResearchKevin BruchCaterpillar Inc.(PDF 3.5 MB)
Technical Session 1: Advanced Combustion Technologies, Part 1
Chair: Gupreet Singh, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Chair: Salvador Aceves, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
DOE/BES Workshop on Clean and Efficient Combustion of 21st Century Transportation FuelsEric RohlfingU.S. Department of Energy(PDF 2.4 MB)
Heavy-Duty Low Temperature Combustion Development Activities at CaterpillarChristopher R. GehrkeCaterpillar Inc.(PDF 1.4 MB)
Challenges of Meeting Tier 2 Bin 2 Tailpipe EmissionsMark KuhnRicardo, Inc.(PDF 407 KB)
Heavy-Duty Engine Combustion Optimization for High Thermal Efficiency Targeting EPA 2010 EmissionsHoushun ZhangDetroit Diesel(PDF 927 KB)
The Effects of EGR and Its Constituents on the Autoignition of Single- and Two-Stage FuelsJohn E. DecSandia National Laboratories(PDF 483 KB)
Effect of Ambient Pressure on Diesel Spray Axial Velocity and Internal StructureAlan KastengrenArgonne National Laboratory(PDF 903 KB)
Next Generation Diesel Engine ControlMarc AllainDetroit Diesel(PDF 850 KB)
Presentation Poster Session: Advanced Combustion Technologies, Diesel Engine Efficiency R&D,
Emission Control Technologies
Moderator: Roland Gravel, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Moderator: Terry Levinson, Argonne National Laboratory
Advanced Combustion Technologies
Hydrogen as a Supplemental Fuel in Diesel EnginesAnil Singh BikaUniversity of Minnesota(PDF 177 KB)
California's Advanced Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Program – Technology Development Focus, Current Status, and ProgressAvtar BiningCalifornia Energy Commission 
Diesel Injection Shear-Stress Advanced Nozzle (DISSAN) Applicable to HCCI EnginesMurad IsmailovAdvanced & Alternative Diesel Injection, Inc.(PDF 359 KB)
Enabling Low Temperature Combustion through Thermo-Chemical RecuperationNigel N. ClarkWest Virginia University(PDF 262 KB)
Adaptive PCCI with Variable Orifice Injector for Low Cost High Efficiency Clean DieselsDeyang HouQuantLogic(PDF 175 KB)
Effect of Adding N2 and CO2 on Control of Combustion in a Manifold Injected Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine – An Experimental StudyJ.M. MallikarjunaIndian Institute of Technology 
Impact of Extreme Injection Pressure and EGR on the Combustion System of a HD Single Cylinder EngineJoern SeebodeIAV GmbH(PDF 167 KB)
Diesel Engine Efficiency R&D
Harsh-environment, Low-Cost Sensor Technology for Engine and After-treatment SystemsNelsimar VandelliFLXMicro, Inc.(PDF 122 KB)
50% Thermo-Mechanical Efficiency Utilizing a Free-Piston Engine in Hybrid VehiclesJohn FitzgeraldEnergy Transition Technology, Inc.(PDF 328 KB)
Diesel Fuel Economy and CO2 ChallengeMark KuhnRicardo, Inc.(PDF 446 KB)
Long-term Decline of Aggregate Fuel Use per Cargo-Ton-Mile of Commercial Trucking: A Key Enabler of Expanded U.S. Trade and Economic GrowthDanilo J. SantiniArgonne National Laboratory(PDF 353 KB)
Emission Control Technologies
Rapid Aging Protocols for Diesel Aftertreatment Devices: NOx Abatement CatalystsBruce BuntingOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 1.1 MB)
Lean NOx Trap Formulation Effect on Performance with In-Cylinder Regeneration StrategiesJim ParksOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 852 KB)
Method Development: Identification of the Soluble Organic Fraction of Particulate Matter on DPF SootAndrea StrzelecOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 890 KB)
Advanced High Porosity Ceramic Honeycomb Wall Flow FiltersBilal ZuberiGEO2 Technologies, Inc.(PDF 704 KB)
Development of an Accelerated Ash-Loading Protocol for Diesel Particulate FiltersBruce BuntingOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 977 KB)
Catalysts by Design: Bridging the Gap between Theory and ExperimentsC.K. NarulaOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 373 KB)
Experimental Evaluation of DOC Performance Using Secondary Fuel InjectionArgun YetkinTenneco Automotive(PDF 141 KB)
Diesel Engine CO2 and SOx Emission Compliance Strategy for the Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) FlotillasJ.P. OlivierOlivier-Lamber-Hewitt(PDF 229 KB)
DPF for a Tractor Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)Hamid ServatiServoTech Engineering(PDF 123 KB)
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems for APU Functions and BeyondM. James GrieveDelphi Corporation(PDF 106 KB)
Alloy Foam Diesel Emissions Control School Bus ImplementationDavid HanInco Special Products(PDF 408 KB)
Novel Application of Metering Pump on Diesel AftertreatmentYi LiuThomas Magnete USA, LLC(PDF 563 KB)
A New Micro-Thermal Burner for DPF Regenerations in Cold DPF ApplicationsThierry SeguelongAaquis & Aaqius 
Nonroad SCR-Urea StudyRaymond SchubertTIAX(PDF 162 KB)
Monday Dinner
The Drive for Energy Diversity and Sustainability: The Impact on Transportation Fuels and Propulsion System PortfoliosGary SmythGeneral Motors Corporation(PDF 7.3 MB)
Technical Session 2: Diesel Engine Efficiency R&D
Chair: Roland Gravel, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Chair: Ron Graves, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Innovative Approaches to Improving Engine EfficiencyWayne EckerleCummins Inc.(PDF 1.1 MB)
Multicylinder Diesel Engine for HCCI OperationWilliam de OjedaInternational Truck and Engine(PDF 1.6 MB)
Challenges and Solutions for Future Light-duty Diesels from a European PerspectiveKlaus-Peter SchindlerVolkswagen AG 
EGR Catalyst for Cooler Fouling ReductionJohn HoardFord Motor Company(PDF 1.3 MB)
Integrated Vehicle and Powertrain Technology for EPA 2010 and BeyondRakesh AnejaDetroit Diesel(PDF 2.2 MB)
Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Optimization of Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines using Model-Based Transient CalibrationChris AtkinsonAtkinson LLC(PDF 603 KB)
Opportunity Assessment
Clean Diesels in the North American Light Duty Market
Kevin B. McMahonThe Martec Group, Inc.(PDF 363 KB)
Demonstration of Air-Power-Assist (APA) Engine Technology for Clean Combustion and Direct Energy Recovery in Heavy-Duty ApplicationHyungsuk KangVolvo Powertrain North America(PDF 595 KB)
Integration of Diesel Engine Technology to Meet US EPA 2010 Emissions with Improved Thermal EfficiencyDonald StantonCummins Inc.(PDF 777 KB)
Tuesday Lunch
Structuring a Partnership for SuccessScott PatrohayCummins Marine(PDF 205 KB)
Technical Session 3: Emission Control Technologies, Part 1
Chair: Ken Howden, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Chair: Bruce Bunting, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Diesel Emission Control in ReviewTimothy V. JohnsonCorning Incorporated(PDF 1.1 MB)
Development of a NOx Adsorber System for Dodge Ram 2007 Heavy Duty Pickup TrucksAleksey YezeretsCummins Inc.(PDF 1.1 MB)
Fuel Efficiency of New European HD VehiclesKimmo ErkkiläVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland(PDF 1.2 MB)
An Improvement of Diesel PM and NOx Reduction SystemAkira ShojiToyota Motor Corporation(PDF 2.4 MB)
Post Mortem of 120k mi Light-Duty Urea SCR and DPF SystemChristine LambertFord Research & Advanced Engineering(PDF 649 KB)
On-Board Ammonia Generation Using Delphi Diesel Fuel ReformerMark HemingwayDelphi Corporation(PDF 420 KB)
Burning Modes and Oxidation Rates of Soot: Relevance to Diesel Particulate TrapsRandy L. Vander WalUSRA/NASA(PDF 5.4 MB)
Presentation Poster Session: Emission Control Technologies
Moderator: Ed Wall, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Moderator: Terry Levinson, Argonne National Laboratory
Emissions Reduction Experience with Johnson Matthey EGRT on Off-Road EquipmentSougato ChatterjeeJohnson Matthey(PDF 198 KB)
Combining Biodiesel and EGR for Low-Temperature NOx and PM ReductionsRachel L. MuncriefUniversity of Houston(PDF 67 KB)
Future Breathing System Requirements for Clean Diesel EnginesRobert CzarnowskiBorgWarner(PDF 200 KB)
Regulated Emissions from Diesel and Compressed Natural Gas Transit BusesNigel N. ClarkWest Virginia University(PDF 100 KB)
An Actively Regenerated Diesel Exhaust Particulate Filter that Demonstrates Significant NO2 ReductionFrank S. DePetrilloRypos, Inc.(PDF 362 KB)
Can We Accurately Measure In-Use Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Emissions?Mridul GautamWest Virginia University(PDF 100 KB)
Ammonia Storage and Delivery Systems for NOx AftertreatmentTue JohannessenAmminex A/S(PDF 2.3 MB)
Evaluation of NTE Windows and a Work-Based Method to Determine In-Use Emissions of a Heavy-Duty Diesel EngineBenjamin C. ShadeWest Virginia University(PDF 100 KB)
Particle Number and Particulate Mass Emissions Measurements on a 'Euro VI' Heavy-duty Engine Using the PMP MethodologyJohn MayAssociation for Emissions Control by Catalyst (AECC)(PDF 77 KB)
Unregulated Emissions from High-Efficiency Clean Combustion Modes – ORNL-FEERCJohn M.E. StoreyOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 304 KB)
Characterizing the In-Use Emissions Performance of Novel PM and NOx Control Technologies on Diesel Construction EquipmentMichael BlockEmisstar LLC(PDF 96 KB)
LNT+SCR Aftertreatment for Medium-Heavy Duty Applications: A Systems ApproachWilliam Taylor IIIEaton Corporation(PDF 327 KB)
Long-Term Changes in Gas- and Particle-Phase Emissions from On-Road Diesel and Gasoline VehiclesGeorge A. Ban-WeissUniversity of California at Berkeley(PDF 468 KB)
Thermal Regenerator TestingSamuel N. Crane Jr.EMCON Technologies(PDF 64 KB)
Develop a CFD Simulation Tool for SCR Injection and MixingFigen LacinTenneco Automotive 
An Experimental Study of PM Emission Characteristics of Commercial Diesel Engine with Urea-SCR SystemChunhwan LeeKorea Automotive Technology Institute (PDF 6.3 MB)
Fuel-Borne Catalyst Assisted DPF Regeneration on a Renault Truck MD9 Engine Outfitted with SCRLaurent RocherAaquis & Aaquis(PDF 383 KB)
Commonalities Between Non-road and On-road Diesel EmissionsHarshit AgrawalUniversity of California at Riverside(PDF 95 KB)
Urea/Ammonia Distribution Optimization in an SCR Emission Control System through the Use of CFD AnalysisMatthew ThorntonNational Renewable Energy Laboratory(PDF 430 KB)
Verifying TRU Passive DPF Cold Ambient PerformanceErich LuchtThermo King Corporation(PDF 151 KB)
Microstructural Control of the Porous Si3N4 Ceramics Consisted of 3-Dimensionally Intermingled Rod-Like GrainsYoung-Jo ParkKorea Institute of Machinery & Materials(PDF 277 KB)
Development of Heavy Duty Diesel 4-Way Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems to Meet 2010 Emissions StandardsKenneth E. VossBASF Catalysts LLC 
Impact of Lube-Oil Phosphorus on Diesel Oxidation CatalystsBruce BuntingOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 294 KB)
A Standard Soot Generator for Diesel Particulate Filter TestingChris NickolausCambustion Ltd.(PDF 256 KB)
Validated SCR Concept DevelopmentLutz KraemerIAV GmbH(PDF 280 KB)
Ceramic Particulate FiltersThomas YonushonisCummins Inc.(PDF 113 KB)
Tuesday Dinner
Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Development amid Worldwide Regulations and MarketsEdward CrawfordDetroit Diesel 
Concurrent Session 4: Emission Control Technologies, Part 2 
Chair: Ken Howden, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Chair: Bruce Bunting, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Aftertreatment Research Prioritization: A CLEERS Industrial SurveyRichard BlintGeneral Motors Corporation(PDF 848 KB)
Global Kinetics for a Commercial Diesel Oxidation Catalyst with Two Exhaust HydrocarbonsChaitanya SamparaUniversity of Michigan(PDF 604 KB)
Impact of EGR on Soot Nanostructure and ReactivityAndré L. BoehmanPennsylvania State University(PDF 4.0 MB)
Ammonia Sensor for SCR NOx ReductionDa Yu WangDelphi Corporation(PDF 6.3 MB)
Investigation of the Application of the European PMP Method to Clean Heavy Duty VehiclesWilliam H. RobertsonCalifornia Air Resources Board(PDF 318 KB)
Low-Temperature Hydrogen/CO Oxidation Catalysis in Support of HCCI Emission ControlKenneth RappéPacific Northwest National Laboratory(PDF 832 KB)
Rational Catalyst Design Applied to Development of Advanced Oxidation Catalysts for Diesel Emission ControlKyle L. FujdalaNanostellar, Inc.(PDF 1.6 MB)
Incorporation of Catalytic Compounds in the Porosity of SiC Wall Flow Filters — 4-Way Catalyst and DeNOx Application ExamplesJean-Pierre JoulinCéramiques Techniques et Industrielles(PDF 5.0 MB)
The BMW Approach for Tier 2 Bin 5Wolfgang MattesBMW Motoren GmbH(PDF 4.8 MB)
Concurrent Technical Session 5: Fuels and Lubricants, Part 1
Chair: James Eberhardt, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Chair: John Storey, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
The Drive for Energy Independence and Fuels of the FutureWolfgang WarneckeShell(PDF 2.1 MB)
Renewable DieselFred J. CornforthConocoPhillips(PDF 662 KB)
Marathon Sees Diesel Fuel in FutureMichael LeisterMarathon(PDF 840 KB)
Fuels for Advanced Combustion Engines (FACE)Joshua D. TaylorNational Renewable Energy Laboratory(PDF 415 KB)
Biodiesel Progress: ASTM Specifications and 2nd Generation BiodieselSteve HowellNational Biodiesel Board(PDF 927 KB)
Ionic Liquids as Novel Lubricants and AdditivesJun QuOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 1.0 MB)
Impact of Biodiesel on Ash Emissions and Lubricant Properties Affecting Fuel Economy and Engine Wear: Comparison with Conventional Diesel FuelAlexander G. SappokMassachusetts Institute of Technology(PDF 539 KB)
Components Responsible for the Health Effects of Inhaled Engine EmissionsJoe L. MauderlyLovelace Respiratory Research Institute(PDF 601 KB)
Minimizing Lubricant-Ash Requirement and Impact on Emission Aftertreatment Systems via an Oil Conditioning FilterS.A.G. WatsonMassachusetts Institute of Technology(PDF 238 KB)
Concurrent Technical Session 6: Waste Heat Utilization
Chair: John Fairbanks, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Chair: Ray Johnson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Challenges and Opportunities in Thermoelectric Materials Research for Automotive ApplicationsTerry M. TrittClemson University(PDF 19.7 MB)
Vehicular Thermoelectrics Applications OverviewJohn FairbanksU.S. Department of Energy(PDF 5.4 MB)
Development of a Scalable 10% Efficient Thermoelectric GeneratorDouglas T. CraneBSST LLC(PDF 1.3 MB)
Thermoelectric Technology for Automotive Waste Heat RecoveryJihui YangGeneral Motors Research & Development Center(PDF 2.1 MB)
Thermoelectric Conversion of Waste Heat to Electricity in an IC Engine Powered VehicleHarold SchockMichigan State University(PDF 1.8 MB)
An Engine System Approach to Exhaust Waste Heat RecoveryRich W. KruiswykCaterpillar Inc.(PDF 1.2 MB)
Quantum Well Thermoelectrics and Waste Heat RecoveryJohn BassHi-Z Tech. Inc.(PDF 1.7 MB)
Concurrent Technical Session 7: Fuels and Lubricants, Part 2
Chair: James Eberhardt, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Chair: Glenn Keller, Argonne National Laboratory
Diesel Fuel: Use, Manufacturing, Supply and DistributionJames E. WilliamsAmerican Petroleum Institute(PDF 235 KB)
Response of Oil Sands Derived Fuels in Diesel HCCI OperationBruce BuntingOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 3.2 MB)
Verification of Shell GTL Fuel as CARB Alternative DieselMary Ann DahlstromShell Global Solutions (U.S.) Inc.(PDF 684 KB)
The Influence of Molecular Structure of Distillate Fuels on HRFF LubricityThomas GallantPacific Northwest National Laboratory(PDF 310 KB)
Biodiesel Effects on the Operation of U.S. Light-Duty Tier 2 Engine and Aftertreatment SystemsMarek TaturFEV Engine Technology(PDF 580 KB)
Planting the Seeds for Improved Biofuels: Tools to Improve Methyl Ester Supply and Quality for Engine PerformanceBeth J. CalabottaMonsanto 
Presentation Poster Session: Fuels and Lubricants, Emission Control Technologies,
Waste Heat Utilization, Engine System Materials
Moderator: Jerry Gibbs, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Moderator: Terry Levinson, Argonne National Laboratory 
Fuels and Lubricants
Creation and Testing of the ACES Heavy Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Test Schedule for Representative Measurement of Heavy-Duty Engine EmissionsNigel N. ClarkWest Virginia University(PDF 65 KB)
DEER 2007 ACES Status Report PosterChris TennantCoordinating Research Council(PDF 32 KB)
Biodiesel Quality in the United StatesTeresa AllemanNational Renewable Energy Laboratory(PDF 65 KB)
The FreedomCAR & Vehicle Technologies Health Impacts Program – The Collaborative Lubricating Oil Study on Emissions (CLOSE) ProjectDouglas R. LawsonNational Renewable Energy Laboratory(PDF 202 KB)
Key Benefits in Using Ethanol-Diesel BlendsBenjamin KaufmanO2Diesel, Inc.(PDF 129 KB)
Accelerated Extraction of Diesel Particulate Matter SOFSamuel A. LewisOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 81 KB)
Preserving Diesel Exhaust Ultrafine (Nano-) Particulate Structure in Genotoxicity Studies to Support Engineering Development of Emission ControlsWilliam E. WallaceCenters for Disease Control/NIOSH(PDF 36 KB)
The Effects of Fuel Composition and Compression Ratio on Thermal Efficiency in an HCCI EngineJames SzybistOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 334 KB)
Ethanol/Water Secondary Injection in Diesel Engines as a Means of Reducing Engine-Out NOx and Displacing Diesel Fuel UseTroy LarsenCaterpillar, Inc. 
Coal-Derived Liquids to Enable HCCI TechnologyBenjamin C. ShadeWest Virginia University(PDF 117 KB)
Effect of Biodiesel Blends on NOx EmissionsDaniel S. PedersenNational Renewable Energy Laboratory(PDF 55 KB)
Recent Progress on Steam Hydrogasification of Carbonaceous Matter to Clean Synthetic Diesel FuelSurinder P. SinghUniversity of California at Riverside(PDF 125 KB)
Emission Control Technologies
Design Potential of Metal Foil Substrates for Optimized DOC PerformanceMichael RiceEmitec, Inc.(PDF 89 KB)
GreenPower™ Trap-Muffler SystemJulius J. RimGreenpower™ Division, Intermet, Ltd.(PDF 186 KB)
Retrofit and Testing of a Pre-Turbo, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst on a Tier 0, SD60M Freight Locomotive Achieving Over 50% PM ReductionDon NewburryMIRATECH Corporation(PDF 409 KB)
Emissions from a Suezmax Class TankerHarshit AgrawalUniversity of California at Riverside(PDF 57 KB)
Dynamic Electronic Control of Catalytic ConvertersDavid B. StoutDavid B. Stout Associates, LLC(PDF 40 KB)
Critical Performance and Durability Parameters of an Integrated Aftertreatment System Used to Meet Tier II Emission StandardsBrad StroiaCummins Inc.(PDF 161 KB)
A Unique Catalyst System for NOx Reduction in Diesel ExhaustRalph SloneNOxTech, Inc.(PDF 65 KB)
Predicted Impact of Idling Reduction Options for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks: A Comparison of Full-Fuel-Cycle Emissions, Energy Use, and Proximity to Urban Populations in Five StatesLinda GainesArgonne National Laboratory(PDF 310 KB)
Waste Heat Utilization
Exhaust Heat Recovery for Rural Alaskan Diesel GeneratorsChuen-Sen LinArgonne National Laboratory(PDF 72 KB)
A Solution Route to Thermoelectric Oxide Nanoparticles – A Sol-Gel Process Employing Heterometallic AlkoxidesC.K. NarulaOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 247 KB)
Feasibility of Onboard Thermoelectric Generation for Improved Vehicle Fuel EconomyMatthew ThorntonNational Renewable Energy Laboratory(PDF 138 KB)
Electric Turbo Compounding Technology UpdateCarl T. VukJohn Deere(PDF 472 KB)
Cummins Waste Heat RecoveryChristopher NelsonCummins Inc.(PDF 295 KB)
Engine System Materials
Design and Implementation of Silicon Nitride Valves for Heavy Duty Diesel EnginesH.T. LinOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 6.4 MB)
Effect of Machining Procedures on the Strength of Ceramics for Advanced Diesel Engine ApplicationsJeff A. JensenCaterpillar Inc.(PDF 420 KB)
Oxygen Diffusion Dramatically Improves Wear-Resistance of TitaniumJun QuOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 724 KB)
High-Temperature Zirconia Oxygen Sensor with Sealed Metal/Metal Oxide Internal ReferenceJules RoutbortArgonne National Laboratory(PDF 2.6 MB)
Concurrent Technical Session 8: Advanced Combustion Technologies, Part 2
Chair: Gurpreet Singh, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Chair: Ron Graves, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
HCCI — A Technical Review and Progress Report 2006Tom RyanSouthwest Research Institute(PDF 1.5 MB)
Sources and Mitigation of CO and UHC Emissions in Low-Temperature Diesel Combustion Regimes: Insights Obtained via Homogeneous Reactor ModelingPaul C. MilesSandia National Laboratory(PDF 1.3 MB)
Advanced Combustion Modeling with STAR-CD using Transient Flamelet Models: TIF and TFPVHarry LehtiniemiCD-adapco(PDF 900 KB)
On Board Fuel Quality SensorAlain LunatiSP3H(PDF 1.6 MB)
New Methodologies for Analysis of Premixed Charge Compression Ignition EnginesSalvador AcevesLawrence Livermore National Laboratory(PDF 1.0 MB)
Adaptive Injection Strategies for Ultra-Low Emissions Diesel EnginesYong SunUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison(PDF 792 KB)
Demonstrating Optimum HCCI Combustion with Advanced Control TechnologyNick KillingsworthLawrence Livermore National Laboratory(PDF 702 KB)
What's Next? An Introduction to the Sturman Digital EngineEddie SturmanSturman Industries(PDF 2.4 MB)
Concurrent Technical Session 9: Engine System Materials
Chair: Jerry Gibbs, U.S. Department of Energy
Co-Chair: Jules Routbort, Argonne National Laboratory 
Engine Materials for Clean Diesel Technology — An OverviewMark S. GeisslerCaterpillar Inc.(PDF 731 KB)
Advanced Materials Development Through Computational DesignGovindarajan MuralidharanOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 422 KB)
Mechanical Characterization of Fuel Injector Piezoactuators and Their PiezoceramicsAndrew A. WereszczakOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 1.0 MB)
Scuffing: From Basic Understanding to Engine Materials TestingPeter J. BlauOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 1.7 MB)
Nanostructured Materials by MachiningKevin TrumblePurdue University(PDF 3.3 MB)
Solid State Processing of New Low Cost Titanium Powders Enabling Affordable Automotive ComponentsWilliam H. PeterOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 2.0 MB)
Nanomaterials: Organic and Inorganic for Next Generation Diesel TechnologiesRandy L. Vander WalUSRA/NASA(PDF 6.6 MB)
CF8C-Plus: A New Cast Stainless Steel for High-Temperature Diesel Exhaust ComponentsP.J. MaziaszOak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF 639 KB)
Low-Friction Engineered SurfacesGeorge FenskeArgonne National Laboratory(PDF 6.2 MB)