The websites and publications listed below provide supporting information for the Uniform Methods Project (UMP) and for evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) of energy efficiency programs.

Sample References

The following document provides example language for referencing the use of UMP protocols followed by examples of language that is currently in use, which helps the reader understand when and how the protocols are used and ensures consistent citation of relevant UMP protocols.

Glossaries of EM&V Terms

The following glossaries provide definitions of technical language and EM&V terms.

Federal EM&V Resources

  • SEE Action Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification Working Group provides links to key EM&V resources for states, utilities, and other local stakeholders.
  • National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency website provides reports, guides, tools, and fact sheets to help state policymakers, energy consumers, utilities, environmental groups, and others understand options for advancing a comprehensive policy and program framework, setting high-level state policy goals for saving energy, establishing and implementing effective efficiency programs, addressing utility barriers, and adopting additional state policies.

International EM&V Resources

  • International Performance Verification and Measurement Protocol (IPMVP) - The Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) publishes the IPMVP, which is a series of documents that summarizes some of the best practices worldwide for determining the results of energy efficiency programs starting at the project level. You must register with EVO to read these documents.
  • IPMVP: Concepts and Options for Determining Energy and Water Savings - The DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory published the March 2002 version of the IPMVP.
  • Evaluating Energy Efficiency Policy Measures and DSM Programmes - Published by the International Energy Agency October 2005

The Protocols for Energy Efficiency Program Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification are consistent with the standards of the IPMVP. The protocols complement and support these standards by providing another level of detail for measuring and verifying savings from energy efficiency programs.

The work of other standards organizations also informs this work, such as, that of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE):

  • Guideline 14-2002: Measurement of Energy and Demand Savings - Published by ASHRAE in 2002. This document is available online from ASHRAE Publications.