Now available: The DOE Uniform Methods Project (UMP) provides a Smart Thermostat Evaluation Protocol that applies to evaluating smart thermostat replacement and optimization programs that meet specific conditions.

Under the Uniform Methods Project, DOE is developing a set of protocols for determining savings from energy efficiency measures and programs. The protocols provide a straightforward method for evaluating gross energy savings for residential, commercial, and industrial measures commonly offered in ratepayer-funded programs in the United States. The measure protocols are based on a particular International Performance Verification and Measurement Protocol (IPMVP) option, but provide a more detailed approach to implementing that option. Each chapter has been written by technical experts in collaboration with their peers, reviewed by industry experts, and subject to public review and comment.

Learn more about the protocols, benefits, and structure of the Uniform Methods Project.

You can read the individual protocols or all of them combined into a single report titledĀ The Uniform Methods Project: Methods for Determining Energy Efficiency Savings for Specific Measures.

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Chuck Kurnik

National Renewable Energy Laboratory