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Hawai'i, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other island communities have successfully implemented renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies to decrease their reliance on fossil fuels and achieve sustainability, economic development, and other goals. Read how in these lessons learned, which are also featured in the Islands Energy Playbook.

An Inclusive and Open Integrated Resource Planning Process in Saint Lucia Fosters Community Buy-in
Learn how the Government of Saint Lucia and St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited led an integrated resource planning process as part of developing a National Energy Transition Strategy.

Assessing Pathways in Aruba
Learn how Aruba developed an actionable plan for meeting its clean energy goals.

Assessing Pathways in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Hawai'i
Learn how the U.S. Virgin Islands and Hawai'i used energy analyses to develop energy baselines and road maps for achieving their established goals.

Energy Permitting Wizard Helps Reduce Project Barriers in Hawai'i
Learn about the development of Hawai'i's Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard and how other permitting agencies and organizations can learn from the project.

Focused, Streamlined Team Effort Lays Groundwork for a Quick Win in Turks and Caicos
Learn how the utility in the Turks and Caicos Islands partnered with experts from the Islands Energy Program at Rocky Mountain Institute to construct and install a 1-megawatt solar photovoltaic system across five sites.

Hawai'i Establishes Goal of Achieving 70% Clean Energy by 2030
Learn how Hawai'i established its clean energy goal and generated stakeholder buy-in from the start.

High Penetration Solar Distributed Generation Study on Oahu
Learn about high penetration solar studies in Hawai'i.

Integrated Distribution Planning Helps Hawai'i Chart the Course for Ongoing Growth in Distributed Generation
Learn about the modeling and analysis being conducted in Hawai’i to address grid integration challenges and plan for future growth of distributed energy resources as the state works toward its goal of 70% clean energy by 2030.

Maine Islands Achieve Quick Win Through Vendor Coordination, Community Outreach and Engagement
Learn about "Weatherization Weeks,” a grassroots effort on several Maine islands helping to reduce vulnerability to energy supply disruptions and improve community resilience.

Solar Hot Water Heater Industry in Barbados
Learn how Barbados successfully overcame market barriers to widespread implementation of solar water heaters.

Tailored Approach Boosts Accuracy of Electricity Demand Forecasting in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Learn how an integrated resource planning process led to a successful assessment of the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ opportunity pathways and created a strong opportunity for project implementation. 

U.S. Virgin Islands Clears the Way for Unprecedented Levels of Solar Energy
Learn about the development of successful solar projects in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

U.S. Virgin Islands Establishes Interconnection Standards to Clear the Way for Grid Interconnection
Learn about interconnection standards in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

U.S. Virgin Islands Leadership Embraces Inclusiveness to Ensure Community Ownership of Clean Energy Vision
Learn how the U.S. Virgin Islands engaged key stakeholders to develop the territory's clean energy vision.

Working Groups Collaborate on U.S. Virgin Islands Clean Energy Vision and Road Map
Learn about clean energy planning collaboration in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Read project profiles about Hawai’i, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other states, cities, and communities that have set clean energy goals.