A diverse set of stakeholders brainstorming on the vision for the EDIN-USVI project at the first community energy planning meeting, June 2010, University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, USVI. <em>Photo from Aldeth Lewin, Virgin Islands Daily News</em>

During a June 2010 workshop, the U.S. Virgin Islands' (USVI) leadership team and steering committee—tasked with helping the territory meet its 60% by 2025 goal—met with diverse public and private stakeholders with varying levels of technical expertise, perspectives, and agendas to discuss the process of refining the territory's clean energy vision, set goals for achieving it, form consensus about the path forward, and secure community buy-in.

By engaging a wide variety of both public and private stakeholders early on, the team was able to achieve consensus on the clean energy vision for the USVI and secure a sense of community ownership.