Almost 1,500 solar water heating and PV systems have popped up throughout the territory since the EDIN-USVI project launched in February 2010, and 15 MW of distributed solar PV are either in place or under construction. <em>Photo from Don Buchanan, VIEO, NREL 20152</em>

In 2010, the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) began working with a diverse set of public and private stakeholders to identify the most viable and cost-effective solutions to address its energy challenges. The results identified larger and distributed scale solar resource development as an important first step thanks to the territory's excellent solar resource and established policies that provided an opportunity for developers to capitalize on the abundant renewable energy technology.

To date, several solar projects have been implemented throughout the territory, including the largest airport solar system in the Caribbean. The success of the USVI's solar projects provide a model for other islands to follow by showcasing the technical and economic viability of renewable energy on islands.