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These documents are related the Tech-to-Market Lab-Corps Pilot.

Lab-Corps Pilot Summary

The Lab-Corps pilot program has $2.3 million in available funding aimed at accelerating the transfer of innovative clean energy technologies from the Energy Department’s national laboratories into the commercial marketplace. To accomplish this, the program has selected a “node” for its national network—the National Renewable Energy Laboratory—to develop a custom Lab-Corps Training Curriculum that it will use to train teams from five other lab sites across the country. 

Lab-Corps Announcement

The Energy Department’s announcement of its selections for the new Lab-Corps pilot program was jointly supported by DOE Public Affairs, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and the National Science Foundation. The announcement resulted in more than 15 news articles from major publications such as Greentech Media, the Chicago Tribune, and Politico. The Lab-Corps announcement also was highly successful on social media, where more than 100 tweets and mentions on Twitter reached hundreds of thousands of people, as well as 8,450 views and 268 likes on Facebook.

Lab-Corps Overview
Lab-Corps Teams