The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) national laboratories are home to some of the world's most advanced technologies, facilities, and scientists. They have helped position the United States as a leader in energy and technology innovation and have given the country an undeniable strategic advantage in the global marketplace. However, many barriers prevent DOE national labs from getting more of their game-changing technologies to the market and collaborating effectively with U.S. innovators and businesses to build next-generation products. 

Tech-to-Market programs within DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) tackle these barriers in order to provide maximum return on public investment in DOE's national labs. 


Energy I-Corps brings the business mindset into the lab and increases collaboration with industry. Through extensive customer discovery activities, national lab scientists better understand the market potential and value proposition of their innovations and can more effectively solve current and future energy challenges. 

Small Business Vouchers opens DOE national labs to qualified small businesses by providing vouchers for technical assistance and cooperative research, streamlining the contracting process, and guiding companies through the lab network. Providing more clean energy entrepreneurs with access to these science and technology powerhouses allows more innovative energy solutions to reach the market and more U.S. small businesses to succeed. 

Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs, sponsored by EERE's Advanced Manufacturing Office and co-managed by Tech-to-Market, embed early-stage innovators within DOE national labs where they perform applied research and development with the express goal of subsequently launching a clean energy business. The programs helps innovators develop entrepreneurial skills, while introducing them to the ecosystem partners they need to facilitate commercial and investment opportunities.