Revolution Outboards from Princeton University
Daylin Frantin and Ben Sorkin with Revolution Outboards pitching at the 2017 National Cleantech UP Competition in Austin, Texas.

Princeton University students developing an emission-free, electric outboard boat motor took home the top Cleantech University Prize at the 2017 Rutgers LaunchR Competition. The team, Revolution Outboards, believes their technology will bring a light, efficient, reliable, and safe outboard boat motor to the marine industry.  
The two runners-up from the LaunchR competition were Xtream Energy Technologies and ElectroMetro, both from Rutgers University. Xtream Energy Technologies has developed a Cyclic Pitch Turbine, a vertical axis fluid turbines which harnesses energy from tides, ocean currents, and rivers. The blade design increases efficiency and enables stacking, thereby reducing the levelized cost of electricity compared to conventional designs. ElectroMetro is building a low-emission, self-refueling hydrogen hybrid vehicle. The vehicle uses a solar panel to drive a hydrogen fuel cell that is optimized for separated containment of hydrogen and oxygen gases to increase fuel efficiency.
Revolution Outboards, Xtream Energy Technologies, and ElectroMetro will join the top three teams from Cleantech UP’s seven other regional competitions in Austin, Texas June 26 – 27 to compete for the National Cleantech UP prize. Visit the Cleantech UP website learn more about the other teams participating in this year’s national competition.  
The U.S. Department of Energy’s Cleantech University Prize (Cleantech UP) business plan competitions provide aspiring student entrepreneurs with the mentorship, business development skills and training, and investor feedback they need to turn their clean energy ideas into businesses offering real-world solutions. Cleantech UP is part of the Tech-to-Market Program within the Office of Efficiency and Renewable Energy.