Georgia Institute of Technology's WEAV3D manufacturing technology

WEAV3D's manufacturing technology


WEAV3D from Georgia Institute of Technology took first place at this year’s final Cleantech University Prize (Cleantech UP) regional competition, the University of Central Florida MegaWatt Ventures. The company is redefining the manufacturing technology for automotive body components by automating the composite forming process. WEAV3D is developing a composite forming technology that will reduce the manufacturing cost of carbon composites by 50% and increase production rate by 10 times.
Following in second and third were Thor ORE (University of Central Florida) and SkyNano Technologies (Vanderbilt University). Thor ORE’s Nano-Filtration System is capable of extracting rare earth elements from the waste stream of active mines and plants located in the U.S. SkyNano has developed a scalable method that uses carbon dioxide, electricity, and inexpensive materials as direct inputs to produce high-value carbon nanotubes. The company believes this unique manufacturing process will make SkyNano the lowest cost provider of both commodity-type and specialty-grade carbon nanotubes.
These clean energy teams will join others from across the country at the National Cleantech UP competition June 26-27 in Austin, Texas. To learn more about the others competing this summer, visit the Cleantech UP website.
The U.S. Department of Energy’s Cleantech UP business plan competitions provide aspiring student entrepreneurs with the mentorship, business development skills and training, and investor feedback they need to turn their clean energy ideas into businesses offering real-world solutions. Cleantech UP is part of the Tech-to-Market Program within the Office of Efficiency and Renewable Energy.