Tech-to-Market pilots and evaluates innovative programs that eliminate the common barriers promising technologies face along the pathway to market. Our programs are focused on two interrelated areas: market readiness and resources access. Learn more about our focus areas and how our programs enable new solutions below. 


Many innovations never go beyond the lab, despite billions invested in next-generation clean energy technologies each year. At the same time, more private sector companies are demanding access to emerging technologies so they can remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Tech-to-Market programs bring the business mindset into the lab and increase collaboration with industry so that American innovations can be evaluated by the market.


The U.S. innovation ecosystem is a cornerstone of American competitiveness—from its top universities and robust national lab system to an entrepreneurial culture and thriving capital markets. But fundamental breakdowns across the ecosystem create barriers that inhibit access to critical resources, stifling innovation.

Tech-to-Market programs lower the barriers to the capital and physical resources needed to drive economic growth through energy technology innovation.