With an eroding coast and interest in preserving the environment, Oregon encourages collaboration across state and local communities to slow global warming and demonstrate solutions that individuals and businesses can easily employ to protect the climate. Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO) in Portland, Oregon, is a nonprofit program that reduces energy waste and helps homeowners by simplifying and facilitating the transformation of Oregon's existing houses into comfortable, energy-efficient homes. CEWO is funded through a grant to the City of Portland through EERE's Better Buildings Neighborhood Program, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The program offers home energy assessments (valued at $500) and advice from independent energy advisors at no cost to customers. CEWO is Oregon's one-stop shop for home energy upgrades and services, connecting residents to Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® qualified contractors certified through the Building Performance Institute to perform the upgrade work following their assessment. Homes that can achieve energy savings of 15% or more are eligible for low-cost, long-term financing to cover the cost of home upgrades, and loan obligations can be repaid directly or through homeowners' monthly utility bills.

Since September 2010, CEWO has completed more than 6,000 residential energy assessments and 2,700 residential energy upgrades, as well as provided more than 2,400 residential loans totaling $30 million. CEWO estimates that for every 100 projects completed, 10 construction jobs are created, $1.4 million in economic activity is generated, and homeowners collectively save $28,000 in annual energy costs.

Positive Impact

EERE-funded program is reducing energy waste, which is slowing the effects of climate change.




Clean Energy Works Oregon

EERE Investment

$20 million

Clean Energy Sector

Energy-saving homes, buildings, and manufacturing

The Better Buildings Neighborhood Program (BBNP) is part of EERE's Buildings Technologies Office (BTO). BTO leads a vast network of research and industry partners to continually develop innovative, cost-effective energy saving solutions, better products, better new homes, better ways to improve older homes, and better buildings in which we work, shop, and lead our everyday lives.

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) success stories highlight the positive impact of its work with businesses, industry partners, universities, research labs, and other entities.