Webinar: 20K Hour GATEWAY Testing Results for I-35W Bridge

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20K Hour GATEWAY Testing Results for I-35W Bridge Webinar

The U.S. Department of Energy has released a GATEWAY Demonstration report on the longer-term performance of an LED lighting system that was installed on the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis in September 2008 and represents one of the country’s oldest continuously operated exterior LED lighting installations. Prior to installation, two of the LED luminaires were tested, along with a third luminaire that was not installed on the bridge but was tested for 6,000 hours in a laboratory for comparison purposes. Follow-up testing was conducted in April 2013. The two pre-tested luminaires were retrieved from the bridge after roughly 20,300 hours of operation.

During this October 21, 2014 webinar, presenters Bruce Kinzey and Bob Davis of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory provided an overview of the findings and discussed how the LED lighting system continues to offer effective operation to bridge users.