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The frequently asked questions shown below cover TM-30 data.

47. Where can I find TM-30 data?

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Manufacturers are beginning to publish TM-30 data for their product offerings. If TM-30 data is not available, it can be calculated from a spectral power distribution (SPD).

48. Do spectrometers measure TM-30?

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TM-30 is calculated from a spectral power distribution (SPD), which is what spectrometers measure. Calculating the TM-30 measures is a software implementation. Absent a spectrometer that automatically calculates the TM-30 measures, one can import the data into one of the Excel-based IES TM-30 calculator tools, which were developed by the IES Color Metrics Task Group in conjunction with the TM document. The calculator tools are available with purchase of the document from the IES.

49. What testing is required for TM-30?

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TM-30 is a calculation procedure where the input is a light source’s spectral power distribution (SPD). The SPD of a light source is also necessary to calculate CIE CRI and other photometric quantities, so TM-30 does not require any additional testing and can be determined for any source that has undergone colorimetric testing (e.g., LM-79) in the past.

50. Where can I download the TM-30 calculator tools?

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The TM-30 calculator tools are available with purchase of the TM-30 document. For more information, contact IES.

51. Will TM-30 be part of ENERGY STAR?

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ENERGY STAR is a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It utilizes criteria for various lighting quality measures at its discretion. ENERGY STAR has not established threshold values for TM-30 metrics to date. In 2017, ENERGY STAR will begin requiring that spectral power distributions are available for all qualified products. TM-30 is calculated from a spectral power distribution (see question 47).

52. How will TM-30 be reported for color-tunable products?

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A standard means for reporting metrics for tunable products is something that industry organizations are still determining. TM-30 is no different from CIE CRI in this regard: both can vary over the tunable range of a product.