--the light fixture, but there's a little antenna in this box, and they need to sync up with one another. I've been trying for a couple of minutes to get it to happen. I haven't been having much success.

It's a specific location on it.




That is particular. If I've ever seen particular, that's particular.

That is a very polite word for it!


I don't know.

I thought we were allowed to use four-letter expletives.


Don't get me started. It'll be a long day if you get me started.


It's like three, four letter words all wrapped into one!



You are caught on it? Which is something of a bar code. So to read them regularly, you would hold a camera up to it where it would read it.

But this, apparently, has some sort of an antennae inside it. So I was holding the camera up to the antenna, or holding-- apparently there's something on the back of these Galaxy phones which is right here. The second I held that up to it, it configured with it straight away. But I've been playing with that for 15 minutes.

It's asking me to do it again.




Wow. That sounds interesting.

Yeah. Well, I've created a profile for it-- room 1108 at 60 16th Street. I'm guessing at some point I'll probably be able to add more light fixtures to that.

That is a correct assumption.

Yes. Yes. So I just created a profile for the room. I'm not quite sure how to control the room from the phone or even if that's possible yet. I haven't reached that far. But for right now, I'm quite satisfied that I have one fixture done, and I'm hoping that the rest of them do not take me three hours each to do.