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This page contains links to fact sheets describing solid-state lighting, its characteristics, applications, and issues relating to its successful introduction into the marketplace.

SSL Applications

Upgrading Troffer Luminaires to LED
Provides guidance on the various factors to consider when deciding on an LED upgrade for a fluorescent troffer system. (4 pages, January 2017)

Upgrading CFL Downlights to LED
Discusses the benefits and drawbacks of various LED downlight options, with examples of real installations from DOE case studies. (4 pages, August 2015)

SSL Performance Characteristics

LED Color Characteristics
Reviews the fundamentals regarding light and color, summarizing the most important color issues related to white-light LED systems. (6 pages, April 2016)

Evaluating Color Rendition Using IES TM-30-15
Provides background information and details about TM-30-15, a new method for evaluating light source color rendition. (6 pages, October 2015)

True Colors
A technical brief about spectral emission of LEDs and the relationship between correlated color temperature, color rendering index, optical safety, material degradation, and photobiological stimulation. (8 pages, October 2014)

LED Color Stability
Addresses key questions about color stability and color shift in LED lighting applications. (2 pages, March 2014)

Lifetime and Reliability
A detailed discussion of failure, lifetime, and reliability as they relate to LED-based products. (4 pages, August 2013)

Discusses flicker metrics, contributing factors, and consequences in addition to comparing the flicker attributes of a sample of conventional and LED sources. (4 pages, March 2013)

Health and Safety Issues

Lighting for Health: LEDs in the New Age of Illumination
Provides background on current science and considerations related to LED light and health. (2 pages, May 2014)

Optical Safety of LEDs
Describes current photobiological safety standards, and specifically reviews the optical safety of LEDs with regard to blue light hazard. (4 pages, June 2013)