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This page contains links to weekly Postings from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solid-State Lighting Program. The Postings provide updates from DOE on solid-state lighting program events, as well as timely discussions of critical issues impacting the development and acceptance of solid-state lighting.

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Note that the fast pace of solid-state lighting technology and market developments often renders last month's news obsolete, so interested readers should stay tuned on a weekly basis. To add your name to the Postings mailing list, contact


Dec. 4, 2009: Update on FTC proposal for new labeling format similar to Lighting FactsCM (PDF 40 KB)
Dec. 11, 2009: Postings now available on SSL Web site (PDF 41 KB)
Dec. 17, 2009: Final ENERGY STAR® criteria published for integral replacement lamps (PDF 40 KB)


Nov. 6, 2009: CALiPER Round 9 results (PDF 53 KB)
Nov. 13, 2009: Update on DOE SSL Technology Fact Sheet series, including new resource on LED replacement lamps (PDF 52 KB)
Nov. 20, 2009: Q&A on CALiPER Round 9, misleading performance claims, rapid lumen depreciation (PDF 45 KB)


Oct. 9, 2009: L PrizeSM competition receives first entry from Philips (PDF 47 KB)
Oct. 16, 2009: Update on ENERGY STAR program; implications of Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act of 2009 (new bill) (PDF 45 KB)
Oct. 23, 2009: Summary of 2009 Solar Decathlon (PDF 50 KB)
Oct. 30, 2009: SSL color quality and metrics, color shift (PDF 46 KB)


Sept. 4, 2009: Update on SSL standards and testing procedures (PDF 41 KB)
Sept. 11, 2009: Q&A on ENERGY STAR program, pending federal energy legislation, new Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium (PDF 44 KB)
Sept. 16, 2009: 2009 Lighting for Tomorrow design competition winners (PDF 38 KB)
Sept. 25, 2009: Publication of the SSL Manufacturing R&D Roadmap (PDF 42 KB)
Sept. 29, 2009: Update on SSL Quality Advocates initiative, misuse of Lighting Facts label (PDF 42 KB)


Aug. 7, 2009: CALiPER Round 8 results (PDF 42 KB)
Aug. 14, 2009: Versioning issues with SSL products (PDF 45 KB)
Aug. 19, 2009: DOE education at GovEnergy (PDF 40 KB)
Aug. 28, 2009: Draft ENERGY STAR criteria for outdoor applications (PDF 44 KB)


July 2, 2009: Summary of Vancouver SSL Manufacturing Workshop (PDF 40 KB)
July 7, 2009: DOE funding opportunities support SSL R&D and manufacturing (PDF 42 KB)
July 13, 2009: Status of federal legislation that could affect the lighting industry; provisions of the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES 2009) (PDF 43 KB)
July 24, 2009: Summary of Chicago SSL Market Introduction Workshop (PDF 40 KB)
July 30, 2009: Observations from the outdoor lighting panel at Chicago Workshop (PDF 40 KB)


June 2, 2009: Preview of Vancouver SSL Manufacturing Workshop (PDF 37 KB)
June 10, 2009: Guidance for municipalities considering LED streetlights (PDF 44 KB)
June 19, 2009: Preview of Chicago SSL Market Introduction Workshop (PDF 42 KB)
June 24, 2009: Q&A on SSL ENERGY STAR program, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding for SSL (PDF 44 KB)


May 5, 2009: DOE education at LIGHTFAIR; guidance for evaluating LED products (PDF 39 KB)
May 12, 2009: 2008 Next Generation Luminaires™ design competition winners (PDF 43 KB)
May 20, 2009: Update on SSL Quality Advocates initiative, Lighting Facts pledge program (PDF 40 KB)
May 27, 2009: Assessing LED product lifetime and overall reliability (PDF 50 KB)


April 7, 2009: DOE's 2009 SSL Multi-Year Program Plan update (PDF 40 KB)
April 14, 2009: GATEWAY and Commercial Building Energy Alliances demonstration projects for site lighting (PDF 45 KB)
April 21, 2009: Source efficacy vs. luminaire efficacy (PDF 39 KB)
April 30, 2009: Summary of Fairfax SSL Manufacturing Workshop (PDF 39 KB)


March 4, 2009: Update on DOE SSL Life Cycle study (PDF 39 KB)
March 11, 2009: SSL ENERGY STAR program update (PDF 36 KB)
March 18, 2009: Cost-effectiveness of SSL (PDF 42 KB)
March 25, 2009: CALiPER Round 7 results on LED replacement lamps (PDF 41 KB)
March 31, 2009: Summary of San Antonio ENERGY STAR Lighting Partner Meeting (PDF 37 KB)


Feb. 3, 2009: Preview of the San Francisco SSL R&D Workshop (PDF 38 KB)
Feb. 10, 2009: Summary of the San Francisco SSL R&D Workshop (PDF 39 KB)
Feb. 19, 2009: The importance of LED replacement products for conventional lamps (PDF 32 KB)
Feb. 25, 2009: SSL ENERGY STAR program update (PDF 41 KB)


Jan. 7, 2009: 2009 Preview of DOE program activities (PDF 50 KB)
Jan. 14, 2009: Retailer Energy Alliance and the LED site lighting performance specification (PDF 44 KB)
Jan. 21, 2009: CALiPER benchmark reports help users compare products (PDF 48 KB)
Jan. 28, 2009: DOE roundtables, teleconferences refine SSL R&D plan (PDF 37 KB)