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DOE strategically partners with private industry and industry associations to accelerate the development and market introduction of solid-state lighting.

Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance (NGLIA)
NGLIA logo consisting of green letters in upper case spelling NGLIA

NGLIA is an alliance of lighting manufacturers formed to accelerate solid-state lighting development and commercialization through government-industry partnership. DOE’s Memorandum of Understanding with NGLIA is designed to enhance the manufacturing and commercialization focus of the DOE SSL portfolio and gives DOE access to the manufacturing expertise of NGLIA’s members. Learn more.

Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
IES logo consisting of white upper case letters spelling IES in front of a stylized yellow rectangle

IES is the recognized technical authority on illumination. DOE’s Memorandum of Understanding with IES underscores the Department's commitment to support the development of needed metrics and standards for SSL technology. Learn more.

International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD)

IALD is an internationally recognized organization comprising professionals dedicated to the highest standards in lighting design. DOE’s Memorandum of Understanding with IALD calls for working cooperatively toward improving the efficient use of energy by lighting equipment and systems and by improving lighting quality in the built environment. Learn more.