OLED luminaires are a solid-state lighting product that is new to the architectural lighting marketplace and OLED panels, drivers, and transformers are still in a steep curve of development. Goals for OLED lighting products include higher efficacy; longer life; better lumen maintenance over time; even better color quality and wider CCT options; higher efficiency drivers; and robustness under high temperature, high humidity, and rough handling from shipping and installation. Improvements in these areas will make OLED luminaires more accepted in the architectural marketplace, and adopted as a trusted lighting solution.

The following report is the first CALiPER evaluation of the performance of OLED products based on independent procurement and testing.

  • Report 24: Photometric Testing, Laboratory Teardowns, and Accelerated Lifetime Testing of OLED Luminaires 
    This report documents an initial investigation of OLED luminaires and summarizes the key features of those products. In addition to photometric testing of four commercial products in independent laboratories, PNNL examined many of the products through teardown testing (disassemblies to identify parts and functionality) in PNNL laboratories. Results of these tests as well as results of stress testing of several OLED luminaires at RTI International have been included. In addition, a report supplement contains testing results of two additional OLED luminaires acquired as part of a GATEWAY evaluation. (52 pages, September 2016 – Supplemented August 2017)


Field Evaluation: OLED Lighting in the Offices of DeJoy, Knauf & Blood, LLP

Market Study: OLED Lighting Products: Capabilities, Challenges, Potential

Field Evaluation: OLED Lighting in the Offices of Aurora Lighting Design, Inc.