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Membership in the Consortium is open to municipalities, utilities, and energy efficiency organizations, with participation at various levels from other interested parties.

  • Primary members include municipalities, power providers, building owners, and other decision makers who invest in street and area lighting.

  • Advisory members are solicited from organizations with a known history for promoting quality lighting and energy efficiency (e.g., educational institutions, environmental monitoring agencies, etc.) and will be selected to fill specific Consortium needs.

  • Guests include individual employees of organizations that meet the requirements for membership but whose organizations have chosen not to join.

The Consortium is intended to be a user's group, focused on the needs of participants making investments in street and area lighting. As such, manufacturers are excluded from membership, although they may be invited to present information on select topics at Consortium meetings and may also be given an opportunity to review draft specifications and other materials prior to their issuance. See the guidelines for manufacturers and distributors, or find more information on qualifying fixtures for the Buy American Provision.

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Consortium Charter

Guidelines for Manufacturers and Distributors