OLED R&D Projects

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DOE-funded OLED R&D projects tackle the science and technology challenges that stand in the way of achieving SSL Program targets for OLED efficacy, performance, and cost. All project selections align with the priorities and targets detailed in the R&D Opportunities, updated annually with industry input.

Learn more about R&D challenges  and testing opportunities to accelerate OLED technology advances, as well as DOE SSL Program Impacts and Research Highlights. Find an overview of all SSL projects that have been funded by DOE since 2000 in the SSL Project Portfolio, and details about the current OLED R&D projects below

Advanced Light Extraction Material for OLED Lighting
Lead Performer: Pixelligent Technologies – Baltimore, MD
Commercialization of an Ultra-Thin, Bendable, High Efficacy OLED Light Engine
Lead Performer: Lead Performer: OLEDWorks, LLC – Rochester, NY
Dual Function OLED Transparent Electrode and Light Extraction Layer
Lead Performer: Solution Deposition Systems, Inc. – Goleta, CA
High Efficiency OLED Light Engine
Lead Performer: LED Specialists, Inc. – Holbrook, NY
Improved Light Extraction for a 130 lm/W OLED Lighting Panel
Lead Performer: Pixelligent Technologies LLC – Baltimore, MD
Low Refractive Index OLEDs for Practical High Efficiency Outcoupling
Lead Performer: Pennsylvania State University – University Park, PA
Manufacturable Corrugated Substrates for High Efficiency OLEDs
Lead Performer: North Carolina State University – Raleigh, NC
Nanomaterials-Enabled Transparent Conductive Film
Lead Performer: InnoSense, LLC – Torrance, CA
Roll-to-Roll Patterned Integrated Substrates for OLED Lighting
Lead Performer: Sinovia Technologies – San Carlos, CA
Transparent Conductive Anodes for Solid-State Lighting
Lead Performer: Tetramer Technologies, LLC – Atlanta, GA