LED R&D Projects

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DOE-funded LED R&D projects tackle the science and technology challenges that stand in the way of achieving SSL Program targets for LED efficacy, performance, and cost. All project selections align with the priorities and targets detailed in the SSL R&D Plan, updated annually with industry input.

Learn more about R&D challenges to accelerate LED technology advances, as well as DOE SSL Program Impacts and Research Highlights. Find an overview of all SSL projects that have been funded by DOE since 2000 in the SSL Project Portfolio, and details about the current LED R&D projects below.

AlxIn1-xP LEDs with II-VI Cladding Layers for Efficient Red and Amber Emission

Lead Performer: MicroLink Devices, Inc. – Niles, IL

Daylighting Digital Dimmer
Lead Performer: MoJo Labs Inc. – Longmont, CO
Graded Alloy Quantum Dots for Energy-Efficient Solid-State Lighting

Lead Performer: Columbia University – New York, NY

High Performance Green LEDs for Solid State Lighting
Lead Performer: University of California, Santa Barbara
High Performance Nanocrystals in Silicones

Lead Performer: Lumisyn, LLC – Rochester, NY

High-Efficacy High-Power LED for Directional Applications

Lead Performer: Lumileds, LLC – San Jose, CA

High-Efficacy, Multifunctional SSL Platform

Lead Performer: Cree Incorporated – Durham, NC

Highly Integrated Modular LED Luminaire

Lead Performer: GE Global Research – Niskayuna, NY

Hybrid Down-Converting Structures for Solid State Lighting
Lead Performer: PhosphorTech Corporation – Kennesaw, GA
Identification and Mitigation of Droop Mechanism in GaN-Based LEDs

Lead Performer: University of California - Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara, CA

Improved InGaN LED System Efficacy and Cost via Droop Reduction

Lead Performer: Lumileds, LLC – San Jose, CA Partner: Sandia National Laboratories – Albuquerque, NM

Innovative Office Lighting System with Integrated Spectrally Adaptive Control

Lead Performer: Philips Research North America, LLC – Briarcliff Manor, NY

Investigating the Health Impacts of Outdoor Lighting
Lead Performer: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Materials and Designs for High-Efficacy LED Light Engines

Lead Performer: Cree Inc. – Durham, NC

Narrow Emitting Red Phosphors for Improving pcLED Efficacy

Lead Performer: Lumenari, Inc. – Lexington, KY

Next-Generation “Giant” Quantum Dots: Performance-Engineered for Lighting

Lead Performer: Los Alamos National Laboratory – Los Alamos, NM Partner: Cree Inc. – Durham, NC

Tunable Nanocrystal-Based Phosphors With Reduced Spectral Widths
Lead Performer: Lumisyn, LLC – Rochester, NY
Ultra-Thin Flexible LED Lighting Panels
Lead Performer: Lucent Optics Inc. – Sacramento, CA