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A college campus features a wide range of lighting applications under one administrative “rooftop” – classrooms, offices, theaters, labs, libraries, dining halls, dormitories, museums, chapels, walkways, parking lots, parking garages, lecture halls, arenas, and outdoor stadiums. Campuses are ideal testing grounds in which to study lighting in its many forms, and they provide unique opportunities for broad implementation of energy efficient technologies that prove their value in initial applications.


In 2008, Princeton University, in Princeton, NJ, developed a sustainability plan to reduce campus greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020. LED lighting was viewed as a key component to this long-term goal. Conversions to LED began with a pedestrian walkway and then progressed to parking lots and a parking garage before moving indoors to a variety of environments, including offices, the Carl Icahn Laboratory, and Dillon Gymnasium. Princeton is working with the GATEWAY Demonstration Program on a number of these LED conversion projects.

Link: Sustainability at Princeton

LED Lighting Retrofits at the Carl Icahn Laboratory

Evaluation of LED retrofit products for recessed troffers, linear cove lighting, and downlights – as part of Princeton’s first building-wide interior LED project. (November 2015)
Princeton Icahn Laboratory Report

Exterior LED Lighting Projects

Evaluation of four initial exterior solid-state lighting projects on the Princeton campus – which include a parking garage, a pedestrian path, and two parking lot installations. (October 2015)
Princeton Exterior Lighting Report 
Princeton Exterior Lighting Report Brief

Campus-Wide LED Installations

William Evans, electrical engineer, describes the uses, benefits, and progress of LED lighting conversions at Princeton.
Video: Princeton University and DOE GATEWAY Demonstrations

Dillon Gymnasium

William Evans describes the challenges of the installation, which required a custom interface for lighting controls.
Video: Princeton’s Dillon Gymnasium


Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Evaluation of LED wall washers and retrofits in the performing arts center atrium. (July 2015)
University of Maryland Report
University of Maryland Report Brief


Nadine McGuire Theatre + Dance Pavilion

Evaluation of LED architectural and theatrical lighting in four academic/performance-related spaces. (July 2014)
University of Florida Report
University of Florida Report Brief
Webinar: LED Lighting in a Performing Arts Building
University of Florida Dance Showcase Video


Pedestrian Friendly Outdoor Lighting

Evaluation of LED pedestrian lighting along campus walkways and in a residential neighborhood adjacent to campus. (December 2013)
Pedestrian Lighting Report