Commercialization of an Ultra-Thin, Bendable, High Efficacy OLED Light Engine

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Lead Performer: OLEDWorks, LLC – Rochester, NY
Partner: Pixelligent Technologies – Baltimore, MD
DOE Total Funding: $995,100
Project Term: August 27, 2018 – December 31, 2020
Funding Type: SBIR


This project will develop a high-performance, bendable white OLED light engine. Key qualitative objectives for Year 1 performance include down-selecting internal light extraction for bendable devices and scaling to Gen 2 for 90 lm/W panels; implementing hot-spot reduction techniques in small panels and scaling these processes to Gen 2 production; selecting materials for the subassembly and developing one-time bend processes; and designing, building, and testing prototype drivers. After optimization, these components will be integrated into a prototype light engine and tested.


OLEDWorks’ thin, bendable light engine is a completely new form factor for the lighting industry. The work to improve the efficiency of these devices to 90 lm/W and future improvements to 130 lm/W should foster the adoption of OLED lighting and result in massive energy savings.


DOE Technology Manager: Brian Walker,
Lead Performer: Michael Boroson, OLEDWorks, LLC