Accelerated Stress Testing on Multichannel Drivers— Updated Test Results

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This report is the second in a series of studies about accelerated stress testing (AST) of drivers used for SSL luminaires. Two-stage drivers intended for use in downlights, troffers and street lights were selected to undergo exposure to an AST environment consisting of 75°C and 75% relative humidity (7575). The 7575 AST environment was chosen for this study because a previous study demonstrated that 38% of a sample population of 6-inch downlights failed in less than 2,500 hours in these conditions. A mixture of single-channel (i.e., one output current channel designed for use with one LED primary) and multichannel (i.e., separate output current channels designed for use with multiple for LED primaries) two-stage drivers were exposed to the 7575 environment. This report provides updated AST test results for only the multichannel driver products. The multichannel driver population consisted of three products (with two-stage architecture) and a total of five samples. In addition to AST results, the product life distribution (Weibull analysis) of two-stage driver Hammer Test samples is reported. (32 pages, May 2018)