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What Can We Learn in a Connected Lighting Test Bed?

The connected lighting test bed (CLTB) enables the efficient installation of indoor and outdoor lighting devices. Two ceiling grids are available for installing indoor lighting luminaires. The height of each is vertically adjustable, to enable easy installation and set varying luminaire heights. The grids have plug-and-socket interfaces to enable easy electrical connections, and circuit-level power and energy metering in the electrical panels that serve them. Power over Ethernet (PoE) luminaires can be powered from distributed PoE switches installed in the ceiling grids, or from centralized switches installed in the CLTB Information Technology room. Modular wall and flooring systems enable the creation of mock rooms that facilitate the evaluation of how obstacles affect wireless communication and sensor performance.

The CLTB also has dedicated infrastructure for streetlighting luminaires and wireless communication gateways required for remote monitoring and configuration; again, plug-and-socket interfaces enable easy electrical connections. Electrical switching infrastructure allows select circuits in the ceiling grids and outdoor lighting infrastructure to be connected to programmable power sources instead of the electrical panel, thereby facilitating the evaluation of lighting device immunity to electrical anomalies, and other aspects of their resiliency.