Two men adjust cables, at left; A man adjusts a streetlight controller, at right.

Recently published and in-development studies aim to better understand and measure the energy performance or system energy impact of emerging CLS technologies.

Power over Ethernet Cables

Completed studies explore the impact of various PoE cable characteristics (e.g., make/model, wire gauge, bundle size, conduit presence) on energy losses.

Power over Ethernet System Architectures

A preliminary study looked at the ability of PoE systems to report their own energy consumption, and an in-development study will explore the impact of different system and technology choices on energy performance. Multiple cable types, switch types, and system architectures will be explored, and actual energy consumption will be compared to reported consumption.

Networked Streetlight Controllers (in progress)

This study compares and contrasts how much energy is consumed by the different types of devices used to control streetlights, including shorting caps, photocells, and multiple make and models of networked controllers that deliver additional capabilities, such as remote monitoring and energy reporting.