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Download presentations from the 2019 DOE SSL R&D Workshop, held January 29-31, 2019, in Dallas, Texas. Please note: not all speakers granted permission for online posting.



LED Track Sessions

  • Chip and Materials
    Monica Hansen, LED Lighting Advisors, Moderator
    Berthold Hahn, Osram Opto Semiconductors
    Jim Speck, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Danielle Chamberlin, Lumileds
    Juanita Kurtin, Osram Opto Semiconductors
  • Efficacy And Luminance
    Jeff Tsao, Sandia National Laboratories, Moderator
    Jon Wierer, Lehigh University
    Wouter Soer, Lumileds
    Andy Armstrong, Sandia National Laboratories
    Dan Feezell, University of New Mexico

OLED Track Sessions

  • Materials And Stack
    Lisa Pattison, SSLS, Inc., Moderator
    Mark Thompson, University of Southern California
    Christian Kasparek, Cynora
    Bernard Kippelen, Georgia Tech
  • Light Extraction
    Lisa Pattison, SSLS, Inc., Moderator
    Steve Forrest, University of Michigan
    Franky So, North Carolina State University
    Selina Monickam, Pixelligent


LED Track Sessions

  • Luminaire Concepts
    Monica Hansen, LED Lighting Advisors, Moderator
    Michael Godwin, Osram Opto Semiconductors
    Paul Pickard, Ecosense Lighting
    Steve Paolini, Telelumen
    Wendy Luedtke, ETC
  • Luminaire Concepts (Continued)
    Morgan Pattison, SSLS, Inc., Moderator
    Robert Davis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Arun Dutta, LEDVANCE
    Peter Kozodoy, Glint Photonics
    Marcelo Schupbach, Wolfspeed

OLED Track Sessions

  • Integrated Substrates
    Norman Bardsley, Bardsley Consulting, Moderator
    Jeff Spindler, OLEDWorks
    Mark Taylor, Corning
    Whitney Gaynor, Sinovia Technologies
    Paul Leu, University of Pittsburgh
  • Encapsulation and Back-End Processes
    Norman Bardsley, Bardsley Consulting, Moderator
    Michael Boroson, OLEDWorks
    Ofer Sneh, Sundew Technologies
    Larry Sadwick, InnoSys