Solar Technical Assistance Team

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SunShot funds the work of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) Solar Technical Assistance Team (STAT). STAT leverages the expertise of NREL solar energy technology and deployment experts in order to provide information on solar policies, regulations, financing, and other issues for state and local government decision makers, so they develop best practices to deploy solar in their regions.

STAT aims to help government decision makers navigate complex solar policies and issues, including feed-in tariffs, net metering, renewable portfolio standards, policy opportunities for high solar market penetration, attracting solar manufacturing, and project financing.

The STAT team provides a variety of technical assistance, including:

  • Quick Responses. Fill out the quick response form on the STAT website for requests requiring a quick turnaround, including time-sensitive solar questions or requests for expert testimony on best practices in solar policy. To request assistance through this program, please email your request form to
  • In-Depth Support. Comprehensive assistance is offered on a biannual basis each year. Apply here.
  • Webinars. STAT webinars provide an overview of solar technologies, resources, and state and local government roles. Topics include:
    • What a Successful Market Can Do for You
    • Solar Economics for Policymakers
    • Solar Technology Options and Resource Assessment
    • Policy for Distributed Solar 101; What Makes a Solar Distributed Generation Market?
    • Policy Environments That Draw Manufacturers and Create Jobs
    • Regulatory Strategies for Driving the Distributed Solar Market.

For more information on STAT or for help with the In-Depth program application, contact