The Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) is working to develop solar finance and business solutions to expand access to capital and accelerate market growth. These solutions integrate science, business, and go-to market strategies, working to spark the creativity of new market entrants and encourage existing market players to push the boundaries of the nation’s current energy landscape.

The rapidly changing nature of the U.S. solar market requires active nurturing of new business solutions. To make solar more accessible for Americans, SETO efforts support small businesses and entrepreneurs in many ways, including:

  • Advanced Financing: Developing solutions to enable loans, master limited partnerships, and new streams of capital for solar finance
  • Solar Access to Public Capital: Convening more than 350 finance, ratings agency, developer and installer partners to develop standard contracts and templates
  • Real Estate ValuationLinking appraisal and finance best practices
  • Community & Shared Solar: Expanding solar beyond residential rooftops to multi-family, commercial and community based projects, including the National Community Solar Partnership and the Solar in Your Community Challenge
  • Commercial & Industrial Solar: Coordinating EPA’s Green Power Partnership, NREL and DOE

Learn more about the other soft costs focus areas: networking and technical assistance, data analysis, and training.