Request for Information: Community Solar Challenge

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***The Solar in Your Community Challenge launched on November 18, 2016. Visit the site to learn more and apply today.***

Funding Number: DE-FOA-0001614


The SunShot Initiative is soliciting feedback on a prize challenge structure wherein hundreds of local teams would participate by bringing community solar programs and projects to their communities. The goal of the challenge is to enable the expansion of the solar market to a diverse array of new consumers, including low- and moderate-income customers, and nonprofit community-serving organizations. Competing teams will be eligible for cash prizes and technical assistance from the Department of Energy and other experts nationwide. As a result of this challenge, teams will build local capacity around the legal, technical, financial, and administrative aspects of community solar programs and projects, and solar access will expand to new people across the country.

The purpose of this request for information (RFI) is to solicit feedback and comments on the structure, prizes, timelines and the evaluation process of a community solar challenge. Comments will be accepted from the public, and more specifically from all interested potential contestants of such a competition.

Learn more and see the questions here.

Additional Information:

Responses to this RFI must be submitted electronically to no later than 11:59pm (ET) on August 2, 2016. Responses must be provided as attachments to an email. It is recommended that attachments with file sizes exceeding 25MB be compressed (i.e., zipped) to ensure message delivery. Responses should be provided as a Microsoft Word (.docx) attachment to the email, and no more than 5 pages in length. Only electronic responses will be accepted.

Please identify your answers by responding to a specific question or topic if applicable. Respondents may answer as many or as few questions as they wish.

EERE will not respond to individual submissions or publish publicly a compendium of responses. A response to this RFI will not be viewed as a binding commitment to develop or pursue the project or ideas discussed.

Respondents are requested to provide the following information at the start of their response to this RFI:

  • Company/institution name;
  • Contact name
  • Contact's address, phone number, and e-mail address.

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Download the request for information, which includes more information about the solicitation.