Designing and Building Houses that are Solar Ready

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Builders considering adding photovoltaic (PV) systems to new houses after initial construction is completed can save time and money by following new house Solar Ready design guidelines. Solar Ready houses are designed and built with integrated electrical and mechanical features that streamline the integration of PV systems. Solar Ready design guidelines are straightforward and impact house design in the following general areas:

  • Roof pitch and orientation
  • Layout of roof vents, chimneys, etc., to prevent shading
  • Roof load bearing specification
  • Designated roof mounting points for PV array
  • Installation of electrical conduit from main electrical panel location to roof
  • Specification of main service panel and circuit breakers
  • Space near the main electrical panel for PV inverters and other equipment

Early consideration of these few requirements will ensure the seamless integration of future photovoltaic systems.

Location                                                                                      Forest City, Hawaii
United States
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Date October 2007
Topic Planning, Zoning, Permitting & Interconnection
Subprogram Soft Costs
Author New Mexico State University